Nanjing Gaochun Traffic Police Solid city Squadron: during the Spring Festival to carry out a strict investigation of drunk driving traffic violations

2022-04-23 0 By

In order to ensure the road traffic safety during the Spring Festival, nanjing Gaochun Traffic Police Solid City Squadron continuously carried out a strict investigation of drunk driving traffic violations, to provide a good traffic environment for residents to travel safely.For the lunar New Year holiday party with friends and family, drunk driving and drunk driving traffic violation risk increased, solid city traffic police squadron since New Year’s eve, every key tissue forces in the town and the integration of urban and rural areas, village street traffic trunk road and surrounding roads, scientific arrangement of police, strengthen key sections, the key period, key link and key control of the vehicle.We will maintain a high pressure situation of strict investigation and strict handling of serious traffic violations such as drunk driving, overloading and overloading, and no license and no license. We will severely crack down on all kinds of traffic violations, eliminate hidden dangers of road traffic safety, and ensure that citizens have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday.As of February 6, the gucheng traffic police squadron investigated 1 drunk driving, 10 drunk driving, 9 passenger cars overcrowding, the maximum elimination of traffic safety hazards, to ensure the safety of the area during the festival.