Here are 5 embarrassing, cheap and practical items that many people don’t know about in the supermarket

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The supermarket should be a place that everyone often goes to. A stroll in the supermarket after work can relieve the fatigue of the whole day and make the whole person relax.But when we go to the supermarket, we should focus on some snacks, but as a home blogger, I usually focus on household cleaning good things!Today, I would like to share with you some of the good cleaning products I found in the supermarket. Each one is cheap and easy to use, but many people don’t know they exist!01 pot bottom decontamination cream at ordinary times when cooking food at home, pot above will appear some dirty traces, looks very greasy, want to remove all these dirt clean, must try pot bottom decontamination cream!This is a household cleaning item I found when I went to the supermarket, it is all granular, smeared on the pot, small particles quickly friction dissolve, you can pot on the oil, black material easy to clean, will not affect the daily use!If your POTS and pans are always dirty, be sure to try bottom pan remover, which is inexpensive and won’t hurt your hands!02 fish scale dishcloth we usually clean the glass in the home, faucet, often use dishcloth, but with ordinary dishcloth cleaning, often clean not clean, but fortunately I found this fish scale dishcloth!It is very convenient to use, it has a fish scale pattern, can clean scale, stains, very convenient!After I found it in the supermarket, I bought a lot of it and used it to clean stains in my house. It’s so good!03 pipe dredge agent there is no like me, often appear in the situation of sewer blockage in the home, if you have encountered this situation, the supermarket sell this pipe dredge agent you deserve to have!Every time you use it, just a little bit, and pour it down the drain, the cleaning ingredients in it can express the key oil, foreign matter or hair cleaning pipes, and not harm our bodies!I have studied the ingredients, mainly some of the active ingredients, can accelerate the dissolution of substances, but also can sterilize bacteria, have some at home, do not have to worry about the sewer will often clog!Every time you take a shower, your slippers are covered in water stains and often stain your floors or tiles because you don’t have the right MATS!I usually use the traditional floor mat, but it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it is particularly troublesome to clean. I suggest you to prepare a diatomaceous earth floor mat. After I saw it in the supermarket, I immediately started!After using it for some time at home, I really feel good. The most convenient thing about this diatomite mat is that it feels very comfortable and can absorb water stains on your feet in just a few seconds.This kind of diatomite mat is much more convenient to use than the traditional mat, and it is not easy to mould and breed bacteria. If it is dirty, you can continue to use it after washing it with a shower and drying it!05 floor cleaning pieces the dirty floor is all dirt, in addition to the use of mopping, you can also use floor cleaning pieces to clean clean the floor!The price of floor cleanness piece is very cheap, ten dollars can buy a lot of, suggest everybody can store a few more!This kind of floor cleaning tablet contains a lot of cleaning ingredients, can quickly dissolve oil stains, remove dirt, but also can play a role in disinfection and sterilization!When cleaning the floor, you only need to place a cleaning piece in the water, wait for the cleaning piece to dissolve, and then mop the floor with a mop. The dirt on the floor will be quickly cleaned, and there is no need to worry about damaging the floor!After my home since bought floor cleanness piece, the floor in the home is clean and bright again, several days not cleanness won’t dirty dirty!If you haven’t used floor cleaners in your home yet, be sure to try them out. They’re easy to use, quick to use and don’t smell!Home decoration division summary: we usually go to the supermarket, do not pay attention to some food, you can take a look at home, home in the supermarket good things, can improve our home life, and the price is cheap and easy to use, suggest you can start to try!# Breathing home # Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the home decoration institute