Dialogue “Hello! Big girl” Euler good cat transfer “her” power to promote female spiritual values

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On February 18, a media communication meeting was opened online by Olahao Cat X “Hello! Big Girl”, where hundreds of media were invited to explore the efforts and struggles behind independent and confident women in the new era.As a female documentary interview program, Hello! Big Girl shows the independence, choice, persistence and transcendence of women under their own circumstances through dialogues with female elites from all walks of life, and conveys women’s voices with the help of media and Internet.As a car brand that “loves women the most”, The core concept of Euler Good Cat and “Hello! Big Girls” show complement each other, reaching in-depth cooperation under the common concept and tacit understanding.In this communication meeting, the values of the program continued. Euler Good Cat and Euler Good Cat GT also endorsed independent and confident women again as the “Smart Beauty Tide Run in the New Era”. They paid tribute to “her era” together with the guests on the spot, so that “her power” could be seen by more people.Under the relaxed and warm atmosphere of the program, the guests also showed their truest side in the communication with the host Yang LAN, which made the term “big girl” appear particularly three-dimensional and rich.For example, the young actor Wan Qian, who holds her head high, reveals everything behind the scenes;China’s chief female conductor Zheng Xiaoying with passion and challenge are fearless big girls;Ballet queen Tan Yuanyuan and her friends faW Dancing Art Museum Fantasy night;Gong Linna, a famous singer, excavates her own “wildness” and explores the steps of freedom.Designer Chen Xuan pursues self, explores boundaries, and pursues a more valuable and diverse life.Chinese athlete Zhang Hong interprets the blooming of different flower periods, adapting to oneself and being the best of oneself.In the online media communication meeting of “Hello! Big Girl” for Euler Good Cat X, the guests also showed their sincere tribute to the spiritual value of female consumers by extending the concept of the program again and interpreting two models of Euler Good Cat and Euler GT.Based on euler’s brand in the new era of women’s thorough insight and forward-looking, used the lovely shape restoring ancient ways, the vehicle front face also adopted the engine cover, small area is tie-in front on both sides of the cat’s eye formative whole LED headlight, create exquisite beauty, car side to restore ancient ways of line draw the outline of the body of toughness is dye-in-the-wood, coupled with recognizable high wheel model,To create a very retro, young, fashion, technology in a fusion of the United States.It can be seen that Olahao Cat and Olahao CAT GT design language is for the new era of women to create, but also added a lot of intimate configuration, such as seat heating, seat massage, active braking, parking assistance, 360-degree panoramic image and so on, loved by the majority of female consumers.No matter euler’s good Cat products or Hello! Big Girl program, they are undoubtedly conveying a voice to the audience and consumers — “the power of women is worth being seen by all”.In the communication meeting, Euler Good Cat also carried out in-depth discussion and sharing with many media, which continuously confirmed the powerful female power, and also extended “her” voice again, promoting the improvement of the influence of female spiritual value.Female consumption has always been neglected in the automobile industry. In fact, it is not that there is no space for female consumption, but that many enterprises and brands cannot find a consumption and marketing Angle closer to women due to product reasons.But as a car brand designed for the female audience, Euler saw the power of “her” and chose to stand firmly with “her”.Statistics show that women account for 80% of olaolab’s user base, which is the biggest driver of its success and the biggest difference from other car brands.In 2021, Olahao Cat achieved annual cumulative sales of 50931 units, becoming one of the most popular models in the A0 class pure electric market.In January 2022, the monthly sales volume of Euler Good Cat reached 9,020 units, which made a good start for Euler brand in 2022 and proved its successful market positioning and female consumers’ love for its products through its own strength.In the end, in addition to products, Olahao Cat has also completed the sublimation of “female friendliness” from individual to group, from emotional integration to co-happening through a variety of activities, and become a growth partner of women who better understand the new era.It is also the brand temperature, reasonable marketing, high positioning, more “understand her” products, so that only more than a year on the market, Olahao Cat has achieved monthly sales of more than ten thousand.And through the success of this car, we also witnessed the birth of a “new favorite big single for women”.So, euler’s good cat has a promising future.