How to set the masonry tie bar

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The non-load-bearing partition wall built after masonry structure shall be equipped with 2φ6 tensile bars and load-bearing wall or column tensile joints every 500mm~600mm along the wall height, and the extension into the wall shall not be less than 500mm.1, Rachel reinforcement is late connection between the wall and the original concrete structure reinforcement, belongs to the steel structure, reinforced concrete structure of the masonry filler wall and pillars disconnect or flexible connection, filler wall in plane and vertical arrangement should be symmetrical, uniform to avoid formation of weak layer or short columns, masonry mortar strength grade should not be lower than the M5, the wall should be closely integrated with frame beam.Tensile reinforcement is the reinforcement set between masonry and concrete column, usually with a diameter of 6 mm, the upper and lower spacing of 500mm, and the end of the tensile reinforcement is set with a 90 degree hook. There are two ways to set the tensile reinforcement of the frame structure, and the post-tensile reinforcement is called planting reinforcement.2. Tie bars are connected by planting bars, embedding and binding, etc. HPB300, HRB335 and other steel bars are used to tie the masonry and concrete members together according to certain structural requirements. The connection can be carried out by planting bars, embedding and binding, etc.1 φ 8 tensile reinforcement is set at the middle wall, each side of the reinforcement is extended into the plate 1000mm, and the end wall is extended into the wall and bent.The plate span is greater than 4.8m, but also in the direction of the first piece of prefabricated board on the side of the wall, according to the distance of 1000mm with 1 φ 8 steel bar pull, one end through the plate stretched into the first, two plates between the plate joint bending down, the other end extended into the wall bending.3, reinforcement reinforcement in the masonry refers to the stress reinforcement, when not to leave the croucher, in addition to the corner, can stay the croucher, but the croucher must be made into a convex croucher, stay the croucher should be the reinforcement, every 120mm wall thick pull reinforcement number is 1φ6 pull reinforcement, along the wall high spacing is not more than 500mm, and distance from the embedded length of the croucher is not less than 500mm.In reinforced concrete structure, according to the structure calculation, the steel bar that bears tension or pressure is the main part in the steel bar that is configured, such as longitudinal bar, call longitudinal bar again.Longitudinal reinforcement is the most important reinforcement in concrete members, along the long direction of the layout of reinforcement in concrete members, most of the reinforcement, mainly in the member under tension or pressure.Such as the vertical reinforcement of the column.