Jufeng early comment: gem stop before heavy warehouse

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Thursday, A share differentiation, Shanghai stock index shock collation, gem fell again.On the disk, aviation airports, tourism hotels, public utilities, coal, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, insurance, engineering construction, chemical fertilizer, cement building materials, banks, environmental protection and other industries rose the most;Photovoltaic equipment, wind power equipment, batteries, non-metallic materials, software development, power equipment, medical care, communications, auto parts, consumer electronics and other industries were among the biggest losers.In terms of subject stocks, online tourism, pork concept, civil explosion concept, chicken concept, blind box economy, duty-free concept and so on were the top gainers, while CRO, solid state battery, HIT battery, blade battery, virtual power plant, sodium ion battery, energy storage, Huawei Automobile, industrial machinery and so on were the top losers.Ningde opened down another 8% on Thursday, bringing the CHINext index down 2%.In addition, CRO plate and photovoltaic, wind power plate this week, continue to decline.The coal sector opened down 1.5 percent on bad news, then swung red, indicating low valuations remain defensive.After the Spring Festival, the A-share market has made A choice, and the infrastructure sector has become the new leader, and the infrastructure-related civil explosion concept, underground pipe network, water conservancy, prefabricated buildings, architectural decoration and other sectors rose by more than 10%!In addition, coal, non-ferrous plate also appeared in the forefront of the list.The Chinese heading plate covers finance, infrastructure and other sectors, and has performed well this week.This and our recent repeated emphasis on the allocation of undervaluation of blue chips and state capital reform targets happen to coincide.Afternoon, ningde times continue to fall, below the 500 yuan integer mark, gem index below 2800 points integer mark, market rumors fund reduction to deal with large redemptions.Although the GEM index fell, mainly by ningde times, billion wei lithium energy, sunshine power supply represented by the drag of the track stocks;At the same time, we should pay more attention to the GEM stocks with market capitalization of less than 5 billion, the decline of less than 20% of the GEM index.After 14 points, brokerage plate protection, Ningde era decline narrowed, the index quickly rebounded, coal stocks pulled up again at the end of the Shanghai Composite Index turned red.Disk led up pork, media, tourism, coal and other plates are oversold rebound nature.Jufeng investment consultancy that the macro level of liquidity gradually improved, the central bank continued to cut interest rates to release liquidity, indicating that the bottom of the policy has appeared;However, the market bottom construction is more complex and there is a time lag between the bottom and the policy, we should be more patient.Since 2022, the adjustment of high-value, high-value, high-value and high-valuation varieties is greater, while low-value, low-price and low-value varieties are relatively safe.The market has switched to the annual quotation, short – term look at the valuation of blue chips to repair the market than growth stocks to improve the valuation of more safe margin.After the Spring Festival, market liquidity will improve, and the spring offensive will be officially launched.Overnight, the three major U.S. stock indexes fell as CPI year-on-year increase hit A 40-year high, semiconductor, new energy vehicles and large technology stocks fell, it is expected that A shares will continue to adjust the trend of shock, gem index stop falling, should not be heavy positions.The middle line is recommended to configure four plates: state-owned assets reform, annual report high growth, securities and oversold times new shares.Eight departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, issued the implementation plan for accelerating the comprehensive utilization of industrial resources.It is proposed to improve the management system and strengthen the traceability management of the whole life cycle of the power battery of new energy vehicles.Promote upstream and downstream cooperation of the industrial chain to build recycling channels, and build trans-regional recycling systems.Promote the safety step application of waste power batteries in the fields of backup power, charging and changing power.In a letter to investors today, Cinda Macau Bank said there is no need to worry too much about the overall market at present, we should cherish the GEM below 2800 points and the Sse index below 3400 points.For the recent market adjustment, Cinda Australia Bank Fund believes that this is the concentrated catharsis of short-term irrational emotions in the market. It is not likely that the A-share market will fall sharply this year, so we should actively grasp the structural investment opportunities.In terms of investment layout, Cinda Aoyin believes that it can pay attention to three aspects: first, transportation, tourism, breeding, real estate chain and other oversold industries;Second, green electricity, new energy, wind power, photovoltaic and other tracks in the carbon-neutral sector have not changed their long-term development logic.Third, environmental protection, construction and other counter-cyclical sectors, their performance growth certainty will be more fully reflected in this year.Semiconductor shares led the decline as THE U.S. CONSUMER price Index (CPI) rose at the fastest pace in 40 years in January. The Three major U.S. stock indexes all fell, with the Dow down 1.47%, nasdaq down 2.10% and S&P down 1.81%.Technology stocks were generally lower, led by the semiconductor sector, Qualcomm, AMD, NXP Semiconductor fell more than 5%, Syrx, ASML, Nvidia fell more than 3%, Microsoft, Apple, Google -A fell more than 2%, Meta, Netflix, Amazon fell more than 1%;New energy vehicle stocks fell collectively, with Tesla down nearly 3%, Xiaopeng Automobile down more than 4%, Nio and Ideal Automobile down more than 2%.(Author: Ding Zhenyu Practicing Certificate :A0680613040001)