Examination of the full score composition “meet”, extraordinary selection of materials, ingenuity and talent to marvel at

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“Meet” this composition is not strange to students, from primary school to high school, to “meet” proposition of the composition numerous, write the object can be friends, teachers, can also be a book, the characters in the book, in my memory, most students will write friends, teachers, write their impact on their own.This proposition seems not difficult, but want to write it is not easy, now some students chase after the star, they will write their own love beans into the composition, for the composition can not write love beans, but also have their own opinions, some people say can not write, some people say can write.”Meet” we now look at the composition of the material of this article is the most common, meet friends, the language of the article is very simple, tells the story of the advantages of friends and her faults, language plain but have a true feelings, at the same time the article also wrote to a friend of their influence, the article three sections are, the point around the topic “met”, stick to the gist.This article is still good, should get a good score, but the language of the article can be further improved to make the article look better.Teacher is a guider of child growth path, many students will write when met composition writing teacher, the students wrote, is the teacher, the teacher is the most wonderful meet, she the first period was written articles met the teacher, describes the teacher’s appearance, for example the teacher’s class, the teacher can learn a lot of class, finish after the teacher’s teaching ability is the teacher of the man,What makes her special?The language of the article is simple and unpretentious, compact in structure, clear in center, echoing from beginning to end, the article is very good.Age youth club is in the minds of many yyds, which can get them less, write a composition about the composition of the youth club is also a lot of times, this article is written to meet times youth club, but this classmate, whether because of writing your own love beans too excited, idol brain, introduced composition written characters, this thesis certainly can’t get good grades.This composition is also met times children’s group, compared with the last “character introduction” much better, but this article also has shortcomings, the article is written to meet times children’s group, should focus on the impact of meeting times children’s group brought to the author.Combined with the author’s life, illustrate the significance of the encounter with examples, rather than blindly praise their efforts, a large number of praise their efforts will dilute the theme of the article.This article quotes Dong Qing’s words at the beginning, which is a bit long. It is suggested that students should try to pick out key quotes when quoting, instead of nearly a long paragraph of quotes. This article has general language, obvious shortcomings and can not get high marks.Love at the beginning of the age will inevitably meet like people, see him blush, the girl’s composition is to write met him, write their favorite people, the girl is unavoidably some excited, the article became “story collection”.The article is composed of several stories between two people. The composition should be centered. When I meet him, I can write who he is, and his story and his influence on myself, rather than a long story about him and myself.This article meets the Hanfu, the examinee’s writing is very good, “a glimpse, is the fall”, “the prosperous scene of the dynasty of all nations slowly spread out in front of me” and other sentences are very beautiful, the article uses beautiful sentences to write the beauty of Hanfu, between the lines are examinee’s love of Hanfu.The structure of the article is compact, also wrote about the “past life” of Hanfu, what the hanfu was like before, what the hanfu is like now, from the Hanfu to reflect the traditional culture of Our country, the language of the article is beautiful, compact structure, strong feelings, this article is a full score composition in the exam.What are you going to say to the young people you meet 18 years from now?The full score essay “Our Dream, China’s Dream” is written by an 18-year-old candidate to an 18-year-old in 2035. It shows that the Chinese dream is the dream of all people, including the author himself and the young people 18 years later. The article describes the author’s understanding of the Chinese Dream and expresses the author’s expectations for the young people in the new era.In the beginning, “taking over the torch” is used to hint at the inheritance of the Chinese dream. After that, the article begins with 18 years as the boundary, looking back on the 18 years I have gone through and looking forward to the next 18 years. The last paragraph ends with mutual encouragement, which is amazing for its ingenuity and talent.The logic is clear, the author of an article style of writing is very good, distinguished, write the great Chinese dream, article cited many quotes accurately, make the article looks more full enrichment, shows the author’s writing ability, don’t have enough accumulation can write such a sentence, the Chinese dream is a hot topic in recent years, the author followed current event hot spot, promote positive energy.Look at the paper, the examinee’s paper is clean and tidy, the font is like printing, giving a person the feeling is very good, such an article, how can not get full marks in the exam?After reading the above articles, some people may ask, how to write a full score composition?The easiest place to add extra points is the paper, if the paper is clean and the word is good, the teacher will silently give the student a few points, even if the same content, the paper will be clean than untidy score is high, this is useful in any subject.Are much more than reading, accumulate, can give references in the article some tall on the sentence, the beginning and end of the article must finally attractive, leaming can reference, the beginning and end to echo, don’t let the housing, some tests, the teacher see composition to look at the beginning of the end, the middle is a swept through, the if abandoned the article, certainly not score high,More reading accumulation can also improve the language expression ability, can write some beautiful sentences, let the article full of beauty.If the examinee writing ability is not high or do not put their own love beans into the composition, sometimes write love beans, “idol brain” upper body, blindly praise love beans, and even join some “rice circle culture”, the teacher can not understand, such an article will not get high marks.Articles can be chosen to keep up with current events, for example:Traditional culture and current affairs etc., so that the positive energy, marking the teacher saw the bonus points will be in my heart to the student, the article at the beginning, the best point, try not to long a it doesn’t matter, the teacher to see a paper quickly and saw a large a also look not to understand the examinee to write what, articles may be jailed for digression.Composition is very important for examinees, examinees can master some writing skills, let their articles on the original basis more attractive, more minutes.