Chase the Light!Zhang Weijian got 24 votes, Zhou Xiaoou got 27 votes, and Sha Baoliang helped the team score points

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Chase the Light!In the tenth program, the four studios compete on the same stage. The specific groups are determined according to the last competition. The four captains participate in the competition, and the one who gets the highest vote has the right to choose the opponent, while the remaining three captains need to follow the fate.Zhang weijian on behalf of “see so Weijian” studio, the final choice of “Beijing AD209” studio, Wu Jianhao group with Wu Zhenyu group automatically become the opponent.The 10th program, though not the last one, is the finale of the studio. This round of competition is to compete for the honorary title of “The strongest Studio”. The four studios will bring the last collective show, and the winner will be determined by the on-site judges.The cheung Wai Kin team took the lead in the performance, their performance is “Train to the clouds, a dream in The Sky”.Chase the Light!21 guests were invited to participate in the competition. After the initial stage, the guests formed four studios according to the requirements of the program. The first performance was in the name of a team to participate in the competition, and this round of competition will be eliminated, Weijian Zhang group ranked the bottom in the debut performance, and Naiwu Heat was eliminated.The first team competition ranked at the bottom, Zhang Weijian group started poorly, but more and more brave, the two public stage, no players were eliminated, “the strongest studio” battle, the team of Zhang Weijian, Yang Zongwei, Liu, Han Yu have participated in the performance, the number of also has an advantage.Also has the number advantage, and Zhou Xiaoou set up “JingAD209”, they in the first two performances successfully passed, only in the third performance eliminated one, for the title of the strongest studio honor, the team also has four guests.Jiansuoweijian’s performance of “Train To The Clouds, A Dream in The Sky” received 24 votes from the judges, while JingAD209’s performance of “Over the Hills” received 27 votes from the judges.Zhang weijian’s stage was very happy with great difficulty. Han Yu overcame her fear of heights. Everyone was very happy on the stage and worked hard on the stage.Zhou Xiaoou group singing songs, just Yang Zongwei’s songs, in the face of the original singer they do not have stage fright, but with the way of rock, the interpretation of this classic song.Zhou Xiaoou is a rock singer and used to be the lead singer of zero Point band, but Yang and Su are rappers and Zhang Aoyue is a dancer. It is very difficult to perform this song. Fortunately, the team members work together and practice hard under the stage, and the final result is very good.Zhou Xiaoou’s stage deserves praise, and Sha Baoliang’s wonderful performance also helped the team score points.”Over the hill” song ended, thank you pray for you to find your video in the competition, and recalled his youth over the dance floor, heard he described, the audience and the judges, all want to pray for you to a show, although started is refusing to pray for you, but finally accepted our request.Sha Baoliang can be called all-round. he not only sings well, but also dances very well. He won the applause of the audience and the favor of the judges.