Kunming Red Cross society to Yiliang county to carry out the “charity to send thousands of people” activity

2022-04-28 0 By

Recently, kunming Red Cross full-time deputy supervisor to Yiliang county to carry out the “charity to send ten thousand people” activity, the county Red Cross leaders accompanied to visit condolence, care about poor families, especially concerned about the poor families, help them solve the difficulties in life, improve the quality of life of poor families.In sympathy, condolences group leader line details about the physical condition and life of the needy, and sent to the rice, oil, family package (cotton-padded clothes, blankets, couplet, cans, candy) such as caffeine arts to express sympathy, encourage the needy in the future must be positive in life, be brave in the face of difficulties, build confidence, have difficulty we face together.”I can’t believe that so many leaders still miss us poor people, so that we can feel the warmth of home!”The poor people were excited when they received the gifts and expressed their heartfelt thanks to the leaders of the consolation group for their care.The launch of this activity further reflects the warmth of the Party and the charity and humanitarian care of the Red Cross Organization, through face-to-face communication, intimate sympathy, to further win the trust and support of the masses, let us hand in hand together to pass on the love.Source: Yiliang County Red Cross Editor: Mo Kaijing Intern editor: Zhao Ping Editor: Fu Yali Final: Zhou Jianjun