Machine vision industry special report: the obvious penetration rate of machine replacing human eye gradually increased

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Investment points: Rapid development of the industry, increasing demand.The use of machine vision can be divided into positioning, recognition, guidance, measurement, inspection.Positioning is one of the most challenging uses for machine vision.The machine vision industry will benefit as the country releases a number of policies and plans to vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing.At the same time, the country is developing a number of machine vision industry standards, norms and improve the requirements of the machine vision industry.After 20 years of development, the domestic machine vision industry is in the stage of rapid development.In a number of industries to intelligent, automated transformation background, the demand for machine vision will continue to increase.Focus on the upstream component segments, and the downstream application scenarios are diverse.Machine vision upstream parts cost is relatively high, is the most important part of machine vision.Upstream hardware includes light source, lens, industrial camera, image processor, image acquisition card;The software includes image processing software and underlying algorithm.At present, domestic upstream component manufacturers occupy the low-end market with price advantage, while high-end products are still relatively dependent on imports.Machine vision has a wide range of downstream applications, including semiconductor, automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, industrial robotics and other industries.The market size of machine vision in consumer electronics and semiconductors will approach 3 billion yuan in 2019.The main consumer electronics demand, rapid replacement speed, will pull the demand for machine vision.The trend of machine vision replacing human eyes has gradually penetrated into the automotive industry in recent years. In 2019, the market size of machine vision in the automotive field exceeded 1 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of about 35%.Foreign enterprises far ahead, domestic enterprises gradually rise.Founded in 1974, Keens is an international integrated supplier of sensors, measurement systems, laser printers, microscopic systems and stand-alone imaging systems, driving innovation and development in factory automation.Alpt is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of core hardware and software products of machine vision, and is one of the earliest enterprises in the field of machine vision in China.The company adheres to the core competitiveness of technology research and development and product performance, and its main products include machine vision equipment, control cable components, control units and equipment.At present, The competitive advantage of Keens is still obvious, and There is still a distance to catch up with Opte and Moment Technology.However, with the continuous improvement of independent research and development technology of domestic enterprises and continuous strengthening of core competitiveness, it is expected to surpass the overseas leading enterprises in the future.Investment advice: With the support of national policy planning, combined with the deepening of the aging population and the increase of labor costs and other factors, intelligent manufacturing segmentation of machine vision industry utilization rate.Compared with the human eye, the advantages of machine vision are obvious.With the continuous development of intelligent manufacturing field, the transformation of manufacturing automation production is an inevitable trend, machine vision industry will benefit, will pull machine vision product demand.It is suggested to pay attention to Opte (688686) and Momzi Technology (300802).Risk tip: macroeconomic downturn risk;Downstream industry development is not as expected, the industry demand downside risk;Market competition increases risks.(Article source: Dongguan Securities)