Technology sent to the countryside “market” learning agricultural technology | national “three to the countryside” Shandong province centralized demonstration activities into Texas

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People receive agricultural science and technology books in front of the booth.Reporter Guo Qingping photo “give me a!””Me too!On the morning of February 14, the square in front of the Museum in Yucheng turned into a science and technology market.On the same day, the 2022 National culture, science, technology and health “three to the countryside” shandong province centralized demonstration and winter wheat “science and technology seedling” and soybean and corn belt composite planting technology expert service activities were held here.Agricultural science and technology sing the leading role in this year’s “three trips to the countryside”.At the end of the market, the booth of the National Agricultural Informatization Engineering and Technology Research Center was surrounded by people who were downloading China agricultural technology promotion App.Under the guidance of the staff, liu Li, 60, from Hao Zhuang Village, Shiliwang Hui Town, successfully completed the download.Liu has subscribed to a number of public accounts on the promotion of agricultural technology on wechat. These “walking dictionaries” have helped him solve many farming problems.Last year liu’s 12 mu of wheat and corn yielded 550 kilograms and 700 kilograms per mu respectively.”I have been dealing with crops for decades, but when it comes to scientific farming, I feel like a schoolboy.To be a new era of farmers, do not pay attention to science and technology which line!”Liu Li said.Sun Fajun, deputy director of the Department of Science and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, introduced that with the continuous innovation of agricultural technology extension services, the use of science and education cloud platform, agricultural technology extension App, to achieve 24-hour online agricultural technology services.Farmers can use text or pictures to ask questions on relevant platforms through mobile phones, and nearly 400,000 agricultural technicians and more than 2,000 experts can answer questions online at any time.At the same time, not far away in the wheat field, a different kind of field class is particularly attractive.”This year the wheat field management must grasp the key points, do not pour green water, to suppress three times, two fertilizer…”In the face of agriculture and rural vice minister Zhang Taolin’s “exam question”, Anren town high old my village grain farmers Qi Changjie speak clearly.Qi Changjie’s “true classics” are national wheat industry technical system post expert Wang Fahong imparts.Affected by autumn floods last year, the late sowing area of wheat in our city is larger, and the seedling situation is the most complicated one in recent years.”After autumn planting, Professor Wang’s guidance frequency significantly increased, according to the method he said to manage, I saw the wheat seedling situation is getting better day by day.Strong science and technology, reliable!”Qi Changjie said.”This machine, the realization of soybean, corn seeds one-time sowing, the key is to improve the adjustment of plant spacing, row spacing, improve the sowing quality, for high yield to lay a foundation.I hope such a machine will be put into use as soon as possible.”Adjacent to the wheat field of a white stubble field, watching the soybean and corn strip compound planting machine demonstration, Fangsi Town xuan family farm director Sun Yongsheng full of expectations.Belt compound planting of soybean and corn brings good benefits of producing two crops in one mu field, but mechanized sowing is the bottleneck.Sun Yongsheng intercropped 1000 mu of soybean, corn, although the benefit is good, but the occupation of labor, seeding quality is not high also let him very upset.This live demonstration opened his eyes.”I have been planting soybeans for four years. Now the state is implementing the soybean revitalization plan, and there are new agricultural machinery and new agricultural techniques.Planting soybeans, I am more and more confident.”Qin Yufen is a member of yucheng’s Yu You Together Rural revitalization volunteer service team.”What I feel most about agricultural technology promotion is that farmers are more and more enthusiastic about learning agricultural technology,” she said.We hold events and training sessions that are almost full, and some people listen to more than one session and repeat it over and over again.”Texas journal produced by the new media reporter | Deng Jing Guo Qingping correspondent | Bai Congcong Zhao Shuai edit | | Qin Chao audit Feng Guanghua final | Yin Bin