Wuliangye plans to expand the capacity of the curve-making workshop with a total investment of 2.75 billion yuan

2022-04-28 0 By

Wuliangye continues to expand its capacity.January 28 evening, red star capital bureau notice, wuliangye (000858 SZ) announcement said, according to company’s strategy of “difference” development planning, the company will new base liquor production capacity, production capacity to meet the growing demand, the company revamping/expansion of the koji making workshop, the main construction contents include koji making workshop and related supporting facilities, such as two phases of construction.The total project investment is estimated at 2.75 billion yuan.Wuliangye plans to add 120,000 tons of raw wine production capacity during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, bringing the total production capacity to 250,000 tons.At the same time, increase the storage capacity of base wine, break through 1 million tons during the “14th Five-Year Plan”.At its shareholders’ meeting in June last year, Wuliangye said it was accelerating the construction of a large number of major projects to complement its weak links, including production capacity and infrastructure.The construction of these major projects is progressing smoothly. The first phase of the pottery wine warehouse of 300,000 tons was completed and put into operation, with an additional storage capacity of 80,000 tons of raw wine.The integrated project of packaging and intelligent storage and distribution of finished wine, the technical transformation project of wine storage warehouse, the special grain processing warehouse for wine brewing and the automatic transformation project of grinding powder under construction have all completed the main construction.The wine body design center, enterprise technology center and the pre-plant area planning and renovation project were fully launched.In December 2021, Wuliangye also announced that it agreed to expand the capacity of workshop 523. The planned land area is 33 mu, and the main construction content is the new cellar pool and related supporting facilities. The total investment of the project is estimated to be 84.526 million yuan.Red Star news reporter Li Weiming editor Yang Cheng (download red star news, the news has a prize!