Biennial apple trees do not need to be cut

2022-05-02 0 By

For two years of apple tree pruning, a lot of people have a misunderstanding, think dozen dozen too low branch, cut competitive branch can be cut.This is a mistake, because biennial trees do not need pruning.Why do you say you don’t have to trim?Because fruit trees in the sapling period, long tree is the first priority, only the tree grew up, long thick, in order to lay a good foundation for flowering and fruit.Secondly, there is a branch to have flowers and fruit, for the future yield, also can not go to the branch.So, exactly speaking, biennial trees can be trimmed but not cut.So how?It’s a twig. What kind of twig?Pull whatever branch you think you used to cut.As long as it doesn’t look good to you, pull it into a good position.For example, see tree head competition branch, press original practice is cut, that need not cut now, pull it down, pull even, when competing branch lost apical advantage, naturally honest, as long as an honest, slowly become a flower.For example, some main branches grow too dense to form up and down overlapping branches, then we pull to the side of the gap, a change of direction immediately turned waste into treasure.For what I say, we may still disagree or cannot understand, especially for the fruit farmers who have been pruning for half a lifetime and have formed their own theoretical system of pruning, it is difficult to change their ideas for a while.So what to do?Here’s the trick: What if every branch of this tree is your employee, but everyone is hard, and you can’t fire them?Well, if we can borrow space, arrange their work, and let them all blossom, then our task is done.This is why saplings yield so much, and how they are pruned.For pulling branches, many people have questions, when is the most appropriate to pull branches?Some say spring, some say summer, and some say winter.In fact, no, the best time is in autumn, the fruit can be pulled from the tree.Why is this the best time to pull?This is mainly because the tree has not stopped growing at this time, when the branches are well drawn, it is easy to form, and most importantly, it does not sprout.If we pull in the spring, you’ll find that it sticks in the summer, sticks in the summer, sticks in the fall, sticks in the winter, sticks in the spring.Only autumn pull branch plasticity is good, will not take.So autumn is relatively good, if you have an objection to this, you can try to compare.Is the so-called: all knowledge, understanding technology from high.By Ma Wenguang