If you are over 60 years old, you should not go to these four places. Many old people can’t help it

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People in their 60s and 70s who have worked hard all their lives have been thrifty all their lives, thinking of others all their lives.Today, with this video, I would like to say to people in their 60s and 70s: You have worked hard all your life for your own good and for the good of your children. Now that you are old, it is hard for you to relax. You should never go to these four places again.First is that in the absence of children with ah, don’t to the noisy crowds, the busy anywhere there are a lot of people go to and prone to stampede, especially the elderly, in particular, need extra attention, some supermarkets, every holiday promotion activities, giving eggs or free ah, gifts activities to attract customers, because the old ah, frugal life,They like to participate in promotional activities and free gifts. Their original intention is frugality and good intention, but this kind of occasion is really not suitable for people aged 60 and 70.Security risks are too big, and the second thing is, don’t go to trouble.The elderly are kind-hearted and warm-hearted. They have nothing to do in their leisure time. They like to sit at the end of the village and alleys or in the community pavilion, eating sunflower seeds and chatting with each other.But that kind of talk behind other people’s house of privacy, about others shake is ah, don’t attend, how far how far you could walk, this is a place to stay for a long time ah, unavoidably will also participate in, to talk about other people’s right and wrong length, inadvertently, will speak his family’s privacy, his destruction, and will give yourself the unnecessary trouble.Third don’t go is the kind of stock market, exchange, mahjong hall ah play money place.Some old people retired, began to learn to play stocks, or all day in the mahjong house playing cards, playing mahjong to play money, for those all day in the mahjong house a day is hundreds of thousands of water of the elderly, playing mahjong cards is not leisure, this kind of money or do not go to the place as well.Although your pension and pension money are your own, there are many ways to use money in your old age. If you have money in your pocket, you won’t panic.In addition, playing cards ah, playing mahjong is easy to let the elderly excited, emotional fluctuations, the health of the elderly is also very adverse.So for their own health, for their own old life more happy, or do not go to the money ah.Fourth, don’t go to places where you climb high or low. When you are in your 60s or 70s, you still feel like a hero like you did when you were young.Old home house leakage, do not look for workers to repair, also do not want to trouble children to repair, he moved a ladder to repair.On the one hand, the old man refuses to accept his old age and feels capable of moving. On the other hand, he does not want to call his children for help and is afraid of trouble to his children, but it is very dangerous to do so.The person arrives old age ah, should obey old age, in case climb high climb low process fell down, the consequence is unbearable to imagine ah, still want nip in the bud.Finally, I wish all the old people in the world good health and happiness in their old age. What places can’t they go to in their old age?Welcome to leave a comment in the comment section, if it is helpful to you, I hope to collect and forward to friends around, give me a strong recommendation, thank you.