The Farmer and the Tiger (Fable)

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The tiger is covered with thick hair, powerful and tall, with two eyes like bells and sharp teeth like knives.All the animals in the forest were afraid of him. When they saw him, they ran away immediately. The tiger thought, “I am strong and I have everything.”One day, the tiger found a strange thing: in the farmland at the foot of the mountain, a strong ox was quietly ploughing with an iron plough, followed by an old farmer, who beat the ox with a wicker from time to time.When the farmer and the ox stopped to rest, the tiger approached the ox and asked, “You have the sharp horns that can goad the farmer to death.Why do you obey the farmer and let him drive you to plough?The buffalo replied, because the farmer is wise!The farmer was sitting smoking. The tiger went up to the farmer and asked, “Can you show me what wisdom looks like?”The farmer said, I’m sorry, but I left Wisdom at home.The tiger said, “Go home and get it. Let me see what it looks like.”The farmer said, ok, I will go home and get it.After the peasant had gone a few steps, he returned and said, “After I am gone, you will eat my cow.The tiger said: I swear I will never eat scalpers.The farmer smiled and said, “You let me tie you to that tree so that I don’t have to worry about you eating my cow.”The tiger wanted to see what “wisdom” looked like, so he agreed.The farmer quickly tied the tiger securely to a tree and went home with the ox.Before he left, the farmer smiled and said to the tiger: This is my “wisdom”!The cow laughed when he saw the tiger tied up by the farmer. He knew that both he and the farmer were safe.A flash of lightning in the middle of the night set the tree on fire. The flames made the tiger roar in pain.It was not until the rope that held it broke that the tiger escaped back into the forest.Later, the tiger turned brown with black stripes, legend that it was burned.Collation/Hou Fushun