What should be paid attention to after long-distance vehicle maintenance

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1. Check the appearance and paint. The appearance here includes the body surface and all the parts you can see.Because high-speed driving inevitably hit the road bounce small stones, damage to the paint, then check the method is to thoroughly wash the car, and then around the vehicle around two laps, carefully observe the paint without scratches and other parts without damage.2, check the whole car glass speaking of glass maintenance you will be strange, glass in addition to water cleaning can also have what maintenance?In fact, glass maintenance is very learned, not all problems can be solved by washing with water.For example, the naked eye may not be able to observe the glass after stained with oil, but the efficacy of the wiper will therefore greatly decrease, at this time it is necessary to use grease cleaning agent to remove these grease.There are those because of the windshield wiper mixed with gravel and long-term scratches caused by the windshield, and the stone hit the glass caused by the trauma, so can not ignore the detection of the whole car glass.3, check the internal components after a long journey in the engine compartment of a component to focus on inspection, it is the “air filter”.If you are driving on a road with more dust than the city, then the air filter may absorb too much dust during this time, and if dust gets into the engine will cause wear and tear on various parts of the engine;If the air filter is blocked, the engine intake will be blocked and the power will drop.So take off the air filter, check it is very necessary.4. Check the engine oil. Generally speaking, the loss of oil after long distance driving is a common phenomenon.Experts said that the correct approach is to make clear the original oil label and then choose the same label to add.If you’re running out of maintenance, simply drain the oil and add a new one.5. Check the brake system and visually inspect the surface of the brake disc through the aluminum alloy tire rims.The surface of the brake disc was smooth, if there are obvious grooves, it may be that when the vehicle is driving on the gravel road, some small sand stuck between the brake disc and the fender, constantly rubbing the surface of the brake disc, so there are grooves.When this happens, the vehicle may make a “clanking, clanking” sound as it moves, and in some cases, a scream may be heard.6. Check the tires after a long journey, some wheels will appear obvious scars, excessive wear or “trauma”. At this time, according to the specific situation, you can choose to change the spare tire and go to the 4S shop for further inspection as soon as possible.In addition, after a long time of turbulence, the location of the tire may fail. At this time, the most significant feature is that the vehicle will run off track and jump. If such a situation occurs, it is also necessary to go to the 4S shop for inspection.7. Check whether the chassis owner can recall the experience of scraping the chassis in the process of driving.At the same time, compared with the car holiday before and after whether there are obvious changes, if there is abnormal chassis sound, steering wheel jitter, vehicle parking position oil stains and other phenomena, it shows that the chassis has been damaged.It is recommended to go to 4S shop to do professional chassis rust care or spray paint to do a chassis “armor” to avoid future problems.