“Chinese style square dancing” debut in winter Olympics!This style of dance is a first

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On February 4, Beijing Winter Olympic Games grand opening!Before the official opening ceremony, zhang Yimou, the director of the opening and closing ceremonies, designed a 30-minute warm-up segment in which popular square dancing took the stage.Stage to joined the elements of Chinese lunar 24 solar terms, with live stage lighting transformation, 24 popular square dance song resounded through the bird’s nest, square dance across the country actors wearing clothing periods, the theme of the 24 solar terms of 30 minutes warming up programs will be the scene atmosphere to a climax moment.What about square dancing, which made its debut at the Winter Olympics?What are the bright spots?What’s the difference between it and the square dance we usually do?Extreme news reporters interviewed Chen Juyun, president of hubei Province body-building dance Association, Chen Juyun read to reporters.The whole people to participate in an cover bring together all ages invited people to perform less, is the mood throughout the opening ceremony of the total in the actors to participate in the square dance performance, minimum 5 years of age, the largest of more than 70 years old, covers less bring together all ages, Chen Juyun told reporters that “this and our country’s” national fitness, the whole people to participate in an “sports power construction goal completely consistent,By giving the stage for the opening ceremony’s warm-up performance to ordinary people, we hope to show people’s good life and their keen expectations for the Beijing Winter Olympics through this special design.”For the first time, the official square dancing will be the warm-up performance of the Winter Olympics. It is inspiring and inspiring.It is the first time that ordinary people from all over the country are invited to the stage to show their style instead of professional performers, highlighting the sense of mass participation and fitting in with the call of “driving 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow Movement”.Zhang Yimou, chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies, previously shared the origin of his idea, “China is a big country in square dancing. You can see it in any city, and there are no stars or professionals for the hot show.Why do people want to dance?Because life is good, poverty alleviation, rich, happy life will be singing and dancing.”This warm-up square dance program has a variety of styles, among which the marching square dance is a major highlight.What is marching square dance?Chen Juyun gives the answer.”It is a set of aerobics and square dance in one, both the rhythm of aerobics and the beauty of dance, dance elements dissolved in boring exercise, is people in the beautiful music cheerful spirit, to achieve the purpose of happy fitness.”Image source:In the link of the Beijing 2022 Olympics official Po hot field rolling square dance covers a wide variety of styles and forms, both ballroom dance, modern dance, also have the Mongolian, Tibetan, uygur and other bright warm strength, zhangjiakou mass cultural center performance also blended in intangible elements of hemlock, hangzhou is the venue directly on the high-tech electronic machine – dog,They shake their heads and jump in unison to catch the eye.The 24 carefully selected pop songs are resonant, with national characteristics and Olympic love, and connected into a pulsating musical rhythm.What is the difference between the square dance performed in the Winter Olympics and the square dance we usually perform?Chen Juyun tells a reporter, “the square dances, created a” rolling square dance “, generally square dance performances, game, fitness, is positioning, popular, is the place to dance, transform formation, a small scale in the area of the provisions of the Olympic square dance dancing style diversity, frequent switching formation,It provides a new idea for the development of hubei square dance in the future.”At present, there are more than 6 million square dance fitness fans in Hubei Province, which has become the vanguard and main force of national fitness and physical fitness construction in Hubei Province.”In the past 2021, hubei Province Fitness Dance Association has carried out 48 square dance scientific fitness public welfare walks, held 3 square dance competitions, and trained square dance coaches and judges twice by entering mountainous areas, rural areas, communities, enterprises and institutions, and schools.Organization square dance lovers “sports carnival” hosted by the provincial sports bureau and the national fitness “five five into the square dance performance” exchanges and further meet the demand of the fitness at the grass-roots level, popularize scientific fitness knowledge, inspire the national fitness activity, let the development of mass sports in our province benefits of the people.”Chen juyun said.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.