Mice marry in the first month!Otherwise, if a man misses a mouse for a day, the mouse will trouble you for a year!

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On the third day of the first month the mouse married uncle said short, get down to business.Mice on the third day of the first lunar month are not allowed to be shot.As the saying goes, when a rat crosses the street, everyone shouts.You can see that people hate rats.But on the third day of the first lunar month, you can’t beat the mouse.Mice commonly known as “rats”, reproduction speed is very fast, strong survival ability of animals.They not only burrowed everywhere, but also stole people’s food and chewed people’s clothing.As a result of their long-term presence in sewers, toilets and other dark and humid places make them carry the virus on their bodies, and are contagious.How can we do anything with such a bad guy?This is the “rat marriage” on the third day of the first lunar month.In fact, mouse marriage is not necessarily on the third day of the first month, in different regions, some on the seventh and tenth day of the first month, and on the 25th day of the first month, that night to put some food at the wall, commonly known as: with ceremony.And early turn off the light, secretly wading on the bed, heard the squeak, that is the mouse to his daughter zhang Luo marriage, at this time must not disturb the good thing of the mouse, otherwise is the human mistake mouse one day, the mouse will make you a year!In fact, there are many versions of rat marriage.The rats have mixed reviews.For example, according to the Legend of the Twelve Genera of the Han Nationality, rats have the divine power to open heaven and earth and transform everything.According to the myth of The Yi people, human beings originated from calabash, and calabash was originally sealed, and human beings were born only when rats gnawed a hole in the calabash.Yao myth “Legend of Millet” and she [shē] myth “Why the Ear of Rice is like the Tail of a mouse” claim that rats help humans to get rice seeds and so on.In fact, Uncle believed that everything in the world is divided into Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang.All things have a unified characteristic, that is, opposition and mutual change.All living things and plants have an important place in the ecological chain of nature, and all things are in balance.What do you think?