Moon Night, Spring Breeze Several Degrees (2022)

2022-05-08 0 By

The spring breeze has come, the moon still has a few days perhaps, the moon of 15 has a bit of reunion The day of parting has been a long time, a long time originally love is just an instant flame, burning my whole life to see you, not in a dream but a thousand miles,That night has been forever I thought you still loved me, like me crazy moonlit night, still that night maple bridge still crawling under the moon till you die why?Let me meet you why?Let me fall in love with you without tears of yearning, always looking forward to seeing you in silence, just the yearning of my heart and the pursuit of dreams if you want to ask me, miss can have how long I do not know how long the spring breeze and the moon will no longer have, the water in the river no longer dream no longer have your figure love and acacia ah!It always haunts me. Only every night, I still stand on the riverside watching the moon, with the spring breeze blowing across my face. Perhaps, I have my tears streaming down, are they tears of missing, or tears from that night still (2022)