Relieve the degree shortage in Shenzhen and add 7800 new degrees!Baoan’s three public high schools will open in September

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Good news, baoan will have 3 public high schools completed and officially started running in September this year.The addition of 7,800 public high school degrees will greatly ease the shortage of high school degrees in the city.The three new high schools, namely Fuhai Middle School (located in Fuhai Street), Longjin Middle School (located in Shajing Street) and Yanchuan Middle School (located in Yanluo Street), adopt the municipal investment zone management mode and focus on building modern boarding public high schools with high starting points, high standards and high standards. A total of 7,800 public high school degrees will be added.Among them, 2,600 will be enrolled in the first batch in 2022.Fuhai Middle School is located at the intersection of Yongchang Road and Yuqiao Road, Fuhai Street. It is close to Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ocean New City and Bao ‘an International Airport.Economic and cultural geographical advantages are prominent.At the same time, the school is close to Baoan Avenue, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and Subway Line 11 in the northeast, Fuhai station of Subway Line 12 in the south, and fuhai exit of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway in the west, providing convenient transportation.On the afternoon of the 25th, the main responsible person of the education bureau of the same district visited the site, and the construction site of the school was a busy scene.No. 1 teaching building and complex building foundation beam has been completed, workers are busy with backfilling and pipe network construction;The floor casting of no. 2 and 3 teaching building is nearing completion, and the basement structure is under construction.”The construction of Fuhai Middle School project was officially started in May 2021, and the concrete casting of beams and slabs on the 6th floor of the teachers’ dormitory has been completed.The construction of the negative one story structure of the first unit of the student dormitory is completed, and the construction of the negative one story structure of the second and third units is 60% completed.Ninety-eight percent of the stadium foundation cap has been excavated.””At present, the number of on-duty workers has been maintained at 400, and there will be 240 workers left during the Spring Festival to ensure the progress of the project and ensure that all main structures can be successfully capped in mid-to-late April 2022, and the project will be delivered on time in July.”School preparation person in charge of introduction, the school covers an area of 32,000 square meters, building area of 70,000 square meters, investment of 580 million yuan, planning 36 classes, can provide 1800 high-quality degrees.The architectural design of the school is subject to a global tender, designed by Professor Wang Weiren, Head of the Department of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong. Each teaching building has 3 classrooms and auxiliary Spaces on each floor to form an L-shaped learning group.The two tortuous high-rise dormitories are connected by the sky street on the sixth floor. The dormitories are divided into four characteristic blocks, equipped with leisure, fitness, reading and other facilities respectively, forming a scholar-style learning space, garden-style living space and home-style leisure space.Below the playground are outdoor theatre, innovative technology, gymnasium and natatorium.At the same time of advancing the construction schedule to ensure the engineering quality, the school established the science “based on development of teachers and students,” a firm foundation for happy growth of educational philosophy and “internationalization, informationization, humanistic” school characteristics, through the exploration of cross-cultural international course, Marine ecological course, international conference and exhibition, and school-based curriculum such as experiment course system,Build an independent, inquisitive and cooperative efficient ecological classroom, focus on the cultivation of international talents in the future from the macro point of view, base on local culture confidently from the medium point of view, and focus on students’ personalized customization from the micro point of view.To this end, the university will adhere to the optimization of the stock, increase the quality of high-quality teachers, by the city teachers, domestic backbone teachers, domestic and foreign first-class elite institutions of higher learning to form a teaching team, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of ideas, curriculum research and development, management upgrade, and guarantee results.The Bay Area wind is on the move.At present, the new school preparatory work team has carried out the inverted plan before the opening of the preparatory work, to ensure that on September 1, when 600 freshmen enrolled, they will enjoy the exquisite and comfortable campus of high grade and high-quality elite teacher team services.Longjin Middle School (to be named Shenzhen No. 24 Senior High School), located in the former border town of Longjin, is now the Golden axis of The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, shajing Offshore Rural Area.View sea linfeng, pleasant environment, so named “Longjin Middle School”.The university covers a total area of 67,000 square meters, with a building area of about 110,000 square meters. It has 60 classes and offers 3,000 high-quality degrees.In the afternoon of 25th, a number of main buildings went up the stairs along the mountain, looking from afar, the shape resembles a bookshelf.Workers or busy with the construction of inner and outer wall putty, or busy with indoor decoration, outdoor pipe network construction.The construction of Longjin Middle School project started in October 2020, and 75% of the overall image progress has been completed.The person in charge of the construction unit introduced, including students, teachers dormitory building has been capped, is carrying out the construction of inner and outer wall putty;The main structure of building B, C and D is completed, and 95% of the secondary structure is completed.The main steel structure of the library is completed, and 80% of the interior decoration is completed.The main steel structure of the comprehensive experimental building has been completed, 85% of the interior decoration has been completed, and 80% of the exterior red brick has been completed, which is scheduled to be delivered in April to May.”The university is committed to building a diverse and open campus, making it an ideal palace for students to study happily, live poetically and interact harmoniously.”The school preparation responsible person introduced that the campus adopts the concept of future school planning and design, the overall architectural atmosphere is elegant, rich in lingnan regional characteristics, extremely cultural atmosphere, artistic temperament;The innovative design adopts the double first floor, with sports area, etiquette and cultural square, roof terrace garden, circle square and other theme zones, in order to meet the multi-level needs of students for life supporting, emotional experience, thought exchange and so on.It also has a single-family library with a collection of more than 100,000 books, a high-end lecture hall and a concert hall for 1,000 people, fully guaranteeing students’ diverse learning and individual development needs.At the same time, the school will vigorously promote the reform of high school education way, carry out “for education”, according to different growth needs of students, to explore diverse student cultivation mechanism, through making career planning, science and technology and the guest, sports art, international education and so on rich “is suitable for education system, promote the development of students comprehensive and have individual character, let each child achievement best self!”At the same time, the university will work with Tencent to create a smart campus.”The controller introduces, the school campus construction, and actively explore new wisdom will use big data, cloud, AI, 5 g, such as a new generation of information technology, the environment space to study scenario and curriculum system, explore the space combination of scene intelligent learning system, and will also set up online and offline combined with the experience of the future education center and a guest the classroom demonstration, innovation lab, etc.,Technology empowerment, resource sharing, accurate guidance, efficient learning, to provide students with a better learning experience for personalized growth.3, YanChuan secondary features intelligence and education form quality to create new high school this fall plans to recruit high grade 20 classes, a total of 1000 people YanChuan middle school (the preparation name shenzhen 13 senior high school) is located in the position of “international intelligent manufacturing eco-city” yan street, covers an area of 87000 square meters, construction area of 110000 square meters,With a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan, the school has 60 classes and can provide 3,000 high school degrees.The school is close to Nanguang Expressway, Longda Expressway and Subway Line 6 in the northeast, Guangtian Road in the east, National Highway 107, Subway Line 11 and Bao ‘an Avenue in the south.”The construction project of Yanchuan Middle School mainly includes teaching building, library, gymnasium (including indoor constant-temperature natatorium), canteen for teachers and students, dormitory for students (one for men and one for women), teachers’ apartment, STEAM center (Space Science and Technology experience Hall), multi-functional lecture hall and other 9 single buildings”.Construction of the school started on November 1, 2020, and the nine main structures were fully capped on December 31, 2021, the head of the construction company said on Thursday.Masonry construction completed 85%;70% plastering complete;72% of the ceramic brick curtain wall keel has been installed;Mechanical and electrical pipeline installation completed 58%;The electric power transfer project has been completed and accepted.”We are only three and a half months away from the scheduled completion date.The remaining projects are mainly secondary structure, mechanical and electrical installation, interior decoration, exterior wall paving ceramic brick construction.Previously, there were more than 1,000 workers on duty every day, but now there are 400 on duty and more than 300 on duty during the Spring Festival.””The design of the school is teacher-centered and adopts the design concept of ‘journey’, aiming to create a novel journey full of unknown and possibilities for students between the teaching area and the living area.”School preparation person in charge of introduction, “to this end, the campus set up a large number of columns and arcade space, the formation of staggered rhythm of the back terrace corridor.Ready, the students can rush in the portico, and in the courtyard, sitting on the steps on reading, lying on a slope look up at the sky, play in the square, in open exhibits corridor to watch the show, talking about the corner in an impassioned debate, all seemingly casual activities, will with closely linked to the various functions of the school.”In order to build shenzhen West High School into an educational highland and a new type of high school with smart education, the school has established the core school philosophy of “cultivating talents through virtue and innovation and development” and the school characteristics of “smart education, science and technology innovation education (including aerospace science and technology education, astronomy, STEAM maker education) and personality education”.The person in charge introduced that the school will take the opportunity of the new education infrastructure, take the new development concept as the guide, take the information as the dominant, meet the needs of high-quality development, build information network, platform system, digital resources, smart campus, innovative application, credible security and other aspects of the new infrastructure system;Create higher information literacy of digital management and information technology teachers, to build the school big data analysis and intelligent control center, geared to the needs of each student set up three years of high school art of morality, intelligence and physique full scale development, the whole process of growth of electronic file system, and implement “type diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine therapy”, allowing the growth of each student to maximize.At the same time, guided by the “Strong foundation Plan”, the school will vigorously promote the reform of educational methods;It has in-depth cooperation with the China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center to build a national school with space characteristics, popularize the special courses of space science and technology education, and provide more reserve forces for China’s space industry.Article source: Leju buying a house