“Spring Walking grassroots” hold up “broken wing angel” tomorrow

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The picture shows a rehabilitation therapist working with children.(Photo by Yang Liang) “In the fourth year of rehabilitation training, I cried when MY child called me ‘Mom’.””After five or six years of rehabilitation training, many of them entered school as smoothly as other children of the same age, and some of them even became squad leaders.””Some parents don’t have time to go to work, so white-haired grandparents bring their grandchildren to do rehabilitation training, which makes us very grateful.”…On February 10, in the city’s disabled rehabilitation care center, rehabilitation therapist Wang Zhen told reporters about these years in the service of children with intellectual and language dysfunction, a moving moment.”What is this?This is a tiger.Repeat after the teacher: Lao – tiger – “The same word, in the” one to one “40-minute class, rehabilitation therapist Yang Jing has to reinforce the child many times.”To do rehabilitation training for children with functional disorders, there is no room for impatience. In addition to mastering excellent professional technology, it requires patience, carefulness and dedication.Yang Jing said, every time I see the children’s parents look forward to, I always warn myself, my pay is to light a lamp of hope for a family.I do not know how many times, also do not know how many children, when their parents are busy with work too busy to pick up, special education teachers Yang Shunbing, Wang Zhen, Zhou Litao, Yang Jing will take the initiative to send the children to their parents one by one.”Watching parents to their children unknown to the selfless love, how many times, my heart just like a needle prick pain, the same parents, these parents for the future of their children is not the most sincere expression of love?”Luo Xiaoxia, a staff member of the city disabled rehabilitation care Service Center, told reporters with deep feelings.At present, there are more than 20 rehabilitation teachers and special education teachers in the rehabilitation and nursing Service center for the disabled in The city. Although the number is not many, each of them is warm with their young and ardent hearts to a family full of beautiful dreams for the future.”The rehabilitation center serves nearly 200 people every year. If everyone has their share, everyone has a heavy task.”Yi Min, director of the city rehabilitation care service center for the disabled, said that from Monday to Saturday, every teacher from morning to afternoon off work like a top busy, the purpose is to hope that in the limited time for children to get more comprehensive, more accurate, more efficient rehabilitation treatment, clear conscience parents, clear conscience children.The reporter learned that these more than 20 rehabilitation teachers and special education teachers, the average age is only 29 years old.But they are full of love for every child, every child rehabilitation training full of hope.”All my life, IF a child could call me ‘mom,’ I would be content.”This is the parents of the most sincere love for their children, this is the parents of life.”When we hear this, we therapists and special-education teachers feel that our profession is sacred and great.””Children in need of rehabilitation need us, and a loving society needs us more,” said Yang Shunbing, a special education teacher.”In 2021, more than 20 children in our rehabilitation training successfully entered the gate of kindergarten and primary school. Their rehabilitation effect is the greatest praise for us, isn’t it?”Rehabilitation therapist Zhou Litao said, we dedicate our best youth to the “broken wings angel” tomorrow, such youth is not sunshine, but also not brilliant!Source: Jiayuguan News Network