The china-Europe freight trains passing through Suifenhe amounted to 45 4228 teU

2022-05-11 0 By

Source: Heilongjiang DailyRecently, the reporter learned from suifenhe Railway department that in January this year, the number of china-Europe freight trains passing through Suifenhe port amounted to 45 trains and 4,228 teU, an increase of 16 trains and 1,686 teU, compared with the same period last year.Year-on-year growth of 55% and 66.3% respectively, achieving a “good start” for the first month.The China-Europe freight trains are running smoothly.During the Spring Festival, the materials transported by the China-Europe freight train at Suifenhe port are mainly sheet metal and auto parts.Suifenhe Railway Station strengthens communication and coordination with Russian railway frontier station, and accurately controls the departure time, vehicle quantity and cargo category of the train abroad.After the entry of the freight train, open up green channel, actively cooperate with the customs department for inspection, to achieve continuous pickup, reasonable loading and unloading, to provide quality services for enterprises and merchants.In the face of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation, in order to ensure the smooth flow of international trade, Suifenhe Railway port strictly implements epidemic prevention and control measures, accurately controls the operation links, and makes efforts to prevent imported goods from outside, spread from inside and people from the details.Since the launch of China-Europe express trains in 2018, the number of china-Europe express trains passing through Suifenhe has increased from 20 to 900.(Lu Yongchao, Heilongjiang Daily, du Huaiyu) Editor in charge: Chen Sinan