Feel unique!Linyi Year of the Tiger Spring Festival cultural travel feast colorful

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During the Spring Festival holiday, Linyi throughout the Spring Festival atmosphere thick, full of flavor.Various scenic spots launched traditional folk art performances, intangible cultural heritage cultural performances, the Annual customs market and other activities, making the city’s tourism market heat is rising, people in a festive and lively atmosphere to enjoy lanterns, temple fair, food, night view, feeling a different kind of festival characteristics.As an important element of the New Year atmosphere, the traditional lanterns carry the memories of countless people for the New Year.During the Spring Festival holiday, a number of scenic spots in Linyi launched themed lantern exhibitions to realize the innovative integration of cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology while creating a rich flavor of the New Year.The Lantern Exhibition of Rainbow City, Yi Shui, through the perfect integration of science and technology and ancient style, colliding with colorful sparks;In Lanling National Agricultural Park, a slide show with a meta-cosmic theme and field elements brought a different flavor of the New Year.Tancheng ancient City lamp Exhibition interactive experience comprehensive upgrade, the scenic spot together with sichuan Zigong intangible Cultural Heritage lamp craftsmen, the Tancheng over a thousand years of historical and cultural elements such as Confucius Tancheng, with birds to order officials, birds to pay homage to the phoenix into the lantern, embedded a variety of new technologies and materials to build immersive night tour scene, creating a magnificent festival atmosphere.At the scene to see such a beautiful lanterns, feel such a feast of sound and light, visitors have expressed more deeply feel the motherland is becoming stronger and more prosperous.The Chinese New Year of the Tiger coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which has greatly inspired tourists to participate in ice sports and enjoy the beauty of ice.In this Spring Festival holiday, more and more linyi residents into the scenic area, experience a variety of snow and ice sports.Walking in the natural Yimeng village, the king of Heaven makes a sound of “creak”, and everything looks so romantic in the beautiful purple snow scene.During the Spring Festival, the fairy-tale purple snow village in Tianmeng Scenic area attracts citizens to punch in.”With the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympics, more and more people are coming to see and play with the snow. This year, the number of tourists to the scenic spot has increased significantly compared with last year.”Liu Haiyang, deputy general manager of Tianmeng Scenic spot, introduced that in order to help the Winter Olympics, the scenic spot also launched a prize guessing activity for the Winter Olympics relay “call”.In addition, tianchi Ice Falls in The Heavenly King City show the beauty of snow and ice in the North, attracting many tourists to take photos and punch cards.Rainbow Snow project is elaborately created in Rainbow Rainbow Town, where various ice sculptures make visitors feel the real snow and ice.Folk custom activity, the plethora of o. Colorful cultural feast in epidemic prevention and control of the normalized background, during the Spring Festival this year, the linyi city held various forms, rich and colorful “holidays” of the activity, show the river bank Mongolia traditional marriage customs, shadow play, pingyi sugar painting, and many other traditional cultural treasures, the residents in linyi offer special “cultural feast”.Zhuquan Village online activities on multiple platforms, cloud enjoy intangible heritage achievements.During the Spring Festival in 2022, linyi city culture and tourism bureau to carry out the “culture into m — live video home years” activities, around the “culture”, a national intangible items related to the customs in protection unit and the genetic gas bearing people have taken part, lively fireworks short video, and carries on the show through the network platform, let the citizens feel thick home, full of home feeling.Offline activities with multiple forms of experience, have launched a number of folk tourism activities with their own characteristics.Yimeng Yangge, one of the ten most beautiful villages in China, will be performed by the Yimeng Yangge Team in Changshanzhuang Village, Mamuchi Town, Yinan County, Shandong Province this Spring Festival.The happy yangko dance shows the yimeng glorious world and the new life and appearance of Yimeng people, shows the spirit of hongsao’s hometown, presents a wonderful folk culture and red culture feast, and becomes a beautiful scenery in The New Year in Hongsao’s hometown.The Lion Dance in Yougou Rural Tourism Resort is also full of New Year flavor. The national A-level Lion dance team — Tengxian Lion Dance Team brings the lion dance performance full of New Year flavor, which not only inherits and spreads the intangible cultural heritage, but also provides A lively New Year feast for tourists.Agriplus said, “In the past, zhuang was very poor. Now we do not worry about food and clothes. We can still watch such wonderful programs during the Spring Festival.Yinan County andizhen Andiyi village audience Li Guilian sighed.At present, regular epidemic prevention and control has become an important prerequisite for people’s work and life, and the cultural tourism market is no exception.In scenic spots such as Zhujialin Pastoral Complex and Guantang Hot Spring Resort, staff are responsible for registration at the entrance. Tourists must wear masks, show their health code and travel code, and take temperature tests before entering.In order to provide tourists with a safe and assured sightseeing environment, the vehicles in the scenic area are guided by staff, and multiple measures are taken simultaneously to improve the experience of tourists.In the interview, tourists all said that the epidemic prevention and control and tourism services of each scenic spot were very careful and in place, which really provided a comfortable and safe environment for tourists to enjoy themselves.(Sun Fangyu, reporter of Linbao)