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Yesterday, I wrote a physics experiment discussion article inspired by my friend’s consultation and exchange.What are the core features of physics experiments?| share research series 261 which states that “real experiment” such a teaching position.Number master thinks that, in a certain sense, the high school physics experiment can only be divided into two categories, one is the teacher experiment, also can be called demonstration experiment;One is student experiment, students are required to engage in physical experiment, if conditions permit, student volunteers students should finish the whole course of experiments, independent experiment task, communication experiment project, design scheme, (branch) experiment, the experimental data processing and analysis, the experimental conclusion, write test report and show experimental results and so on.The curriculum concept of the first curriculum reform in the new millennium and now the second curriculum reform attaches great importance to physical experiments, and the curriculum standards clearly require students to carry out experiments.Therefore, in all kinds of high quality classes at all levels, the physics classroom must have physical experiments, otherwise it will be “difficult to ascend the hall of elegance” — no experimental physics class is not high quality physics class.But what about the physics experiments students will be doing in the new 40-minute classroom?Physics teaching must attach importance to physics experiment teaching, which is a correct idea of physics education.In this light of the right philosophy, a scathing critique of the physics experiment taught in a 40-minute (or 45-minute) classroom is bound to provoke a public outcry — a real, complete experiment, if you dare?!Yes, on the high quality class in the false student experiment, we are inconvenient to see through, through, not only so but also strive to find the so-called bright spot out – as they do not know, these so-called bright spot is in fact false.Forty-five minutes is not enough for a real lab class.In the experimental class in the main university, the experimental class teacher requires that the experimental preview report must be written before the experiment. It takes more than two hours to conduct the experiment and improve the experimental process almost every time (the experimental class is generally a morning or an afternoon), and the experimental report must be written after the experiment.Some people say that university experiment teaching is demanding, high school experiment does not need such requirements.Does this excuse hold water?The curriculum standard in the era of THREE-DIMENSIONAL goals defines seven steps of exploratory experiment, and links such as “design experimental scheme” and “communication evaluation”.In other words, the experimental scheme may go through a rough and perfect process, and the experimental scheme and conclusions need to be discussed and evaluated.Admittedly, these links do not need to use sophisticated error analysis theory to guide experimental quantitative analysis and discussion, but it is necessary to judge the merits and disadvantages of different experimental schemes.For a real experiment like this, 45 minutes is not enough.Today I read such a paper: I was really touched by such a paragraph in the paper.There are four periods for an experimental subject, each of which is 80 minutes.This is a real physics lab class!The author was moved by the fact that the paper was, at least technically, true.Wouldn’t we be moved if we abandoned the “brute force theory” that the author led the students to carry out such physics experiment teaching?Of course, we may be “not believe”, first, we do not have 80 minutes of class schedule;Second, an experimental project lasted 320 minutes. If the principal didn’t fire the teachers, the superintendent of education would have to fire the principal.He is a truth-telling teacher and an idealistic educator who takes into account both realistic and ideal expectations.What seems to be “complaining” is actually “asking questions”.I do not complain for the sake of complaining, but expect education to be more real, education has ideals.From the practical point of view, we should not ignore the status of demonstration experiment because of the emphasis on student experiment.Number of the main note, there are two physical education skin phenomenon, in the high quality class competition, piled up a lot of experiments, both magic class experiments, and the downtown students experiment, both on-site experiments, and video experiments…;Once back in the classroom, however, all the experiments went into hiding.The reason for this situation lies in the fact that at the national or government level, relevant parties only attach importance to experiment in concept, but not in action, such as improving the status of experimental teachers, improving laboratory conditions, strengthening experimental teaching management and so on.Of course, there are some relatively good schools, recorded a lot of experimental videos, and can be properly embedded in the physics classroom teaching, on the one hand to a certain extent to achieve the effect of the demonstration experiment, on the other hand to save time to take into account the teaching progress and improve the test scores.From the ideal point of view, it is hoped that under the double reduction policy, “after-school delayed service” can indeed be developed into a new position of ideal education, rather than a disguised make-up lesson of “changing the same thing”.It is necessary to “improve the status of experimental teachers, improve laboratory conditions and strengthen laboratory management”, so that the laboratory can be fully opened during the “after-class delay service”, so that students with interests and needs can safely and freely ride in the laboratory.If so, 4 class hours 320 minutes of subject students experiment, can make more front-line teachers believe, but also can really get comprehensive promotion.