How to get alibaba photo albums in bulk?

2022-05-13 0 By

Is there a quick and batch collection method for 1688 corporate albums?In fact, the method is very much just we did not find it, today xiaobian to teach you a simple way to batch collection of 1688 enterprise album pictures.Today we will use a software called, in the browser search “good Joe technology”, download this software, the software is green, safe and non-toxic, we can rest assured to download and use.After downloading the software, we click on the desktop of the computer to open the software and enter the operation page of the software.Then we find “tools” at the top of the software home page and click “Alibaba Album Download” in the drop-down box.Clicking will bring up a new window from which we will proceed.To collect the album, we need the webpage link of the album, so we open the Alibaba website in the browser and copy the link address of the enterprise album of a store that needs to be downloaded.Paste the copied link address into the page, and then you can check the options you want, such as whether to get images for all pages or partial pages, etc.After selecting the option, you can click “Get picture”, you can see that the file has the display title and the number of pictures, after the picture is obtained, check “select all” or select the image you want to download, and then click “Download now”.When downloading, there will be a progress bar at the bottom of the page. After downloading, you can open the folder to view it.Open the folder, we will get the photo album selected just now, are hd without watermarking of the original picture, very suitable for secondary use, we can go to the batch collection.