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Editor’s note: The Spring Festival is full of flavor.Look at the city’s major factory workshops, machines roar, sparks splash;Dream on the road, walking firm, struggling to run.From January 27th, Wangcheng Financial media opened the “Spring Festival walk | 2022, Wangcheng Start again!”Column, editors and reporters go deep into the grassroots line, go deep into the people’s production and life, capture the warm moment with the camera, feel the strong pulse of the development of The Times, insight into the strength behind the good life.Stay tuned!Xiangluzhou Bridge, as an important channel connecting the two sides of xiangjiang River from Wangcheng, has been widely concerned since its construction began.On January 27, although the Spring Festival was approaching and the weather was cold, the reporter saw at the construction site of the project that the construction workers were busy in an orderly manner, and the construction machinery was rumbling, a busy scene in full swing.As an engineer of the construction unit Wangcheng City City Investment Group, Lu Songbai has been involved in the project since the start of the project. In the face of the epidemic, flood season and other difficulties, together with his team, he has risen to the challenge and ensured the early completion and opening of the bridge.External coordination, capital allocation, quality and safety, civilized construction, worker management…As long as the project involved problems, Lu Songbai to understand.”Everything goes through us from the moment the drawings are delivered to us.”At his peak, he said, he received more than 200 calls a day, not including on-site processing.In Lu Songbai’s opinion, as a participant in a project construction, besides professional skills, responsibility is also particularly important.”To have a sense of responsibility means to have a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission.”On the 30th of key control project is the main pier cofferdam, bottom sealing construction, takes up to 5000 cubic meters of the days of continuous casting of concrete, to avoid accidents, Lou conifers in advance to coordinate the supply of raw materials, and with other units and departments, jointly do route bao tong, logistics services, the scene on duty scheduling, unattended, etc.Although the weather was cold and the temperature dropped sharply at night, all the construction staff worked hard to overcome the cold weather and finished the work 22 hours ahead of schedule, which was expected to be completed within 72 hours, thus winning time for the subsequent construction of the main pier pile foundation.”The Xiangluzhou Bridge is a century-old project. While striving for the progress of the project, we should also ensure the quality and safety of the project. This is a red line that should not be stepped on.”Lu Songbai says, to ensure the quality of raw materials, they execute 100 percent detection, resolutely put an end to unqualified raw materials admission.”You should be able to sleep well when you are working on a project. If you can’t sleep, it proves that the project is not well done and there are hidden dangers.”In his 16 years in the business, He has kept this belief and made it his mission.”You can’t build a project and leave a stigma behind it,” he said.As a person from Changsha, let alone this time to build a bridge for my hometown, after the completion of the bridge, I must be right for the people living in my hometown.”The Xiangluzhou Bridge is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, and this year is particularly important.In order to ensure the “completion of the project, the completion of the data, the completion of the acceptance of the” three synchronization, Lu Songbai and the team formed a data group, synchronous improvement of the project industry information and units, divisions, sub-acceptance procedures, etc., ready for traffic at any time, to ensure that the site construction is not delayed.”In order to compete for the deadline, we will not have a Spring Festival holiday this year.”Lu songbai told reporters that many construction workers are from sichuan, Guizhou, Hubei and other provinces, so they are encouraged to celebrate the Spring Festival there to meet the epidemic prevention and control needs.During the Spring Festival, more than 80 workers and 30 management staff will be on duty to ensure the fast and steady progress of the project.It is true that busy and hard work is the norm of engineering, but Lu Songbai found his own fun in this normal situation.”I’m quite proud of it,” he said. “Although we worked hard, it was a great sense of achievement to see the place grow into a thriving place after we finished the work.”Lu Songbai said, the first time to wangcheng, there is only a lei Feng avenue main road, just a few years of time, as xiaoxiang North road, Venus road, Pu Rui tunnel and other road construction, let wangcheng road network more perfect.”When the Xiangluzhou Bridge is completed, Wangcheng will truly realize the coordinated development of one river and two sides, and I am very proud to contribute to this.”It is understood that the project schedule of xiangluzhou Bridge in 2021 has been overfulfilled, reaching 135% of the original target. The construction of cofferdam, pile foundation, cap and pier is currently under way, and beam and slab construction is expected to start after the year.”By then, the whole project was even more spectacular.”