The university grade ranking comes, the achievement outstanding all is in 4 rank above, your school which rank

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College entrance examination is the dream that children insist on since childhood.Whether it is the thought of parents and teachers irrigation, or students’ own will to be admitted to a good university is the primary dream of children.When I was a child, Tsinghua university and Peking University were like a sacred place, and all the children longed to study here, because these two universities were the best in Our country and had reached the status that everyone knew and everyone knew.Gradually, the child grew up and learned more about colleges and universities. He also made up his mind that he must be admitted to the university he yearned for.It’s what kids dream about and what keeps them going.Students all aspire to famous universities, but we know that few of them can get into them.So in high school students’ enthusiasm for learning was fully mobilized by the enthusiasm of the examination, high school students from morning to night, do not want to waste a little learning time.Even on the way to eat are running, and in the queue to buy rice will come up with knowledge points to back a few.Students study so hard in order to get high marks in the college entrance examination and enter their desired universities.University rankings, excellent results of all above four order, where is your school there are nearly 3000 Chinese university, but the engineering colleges and universities to create a world-class university and national key university of 115, is a very small part of, so can on these key university students, must be those who are among the best in the school students with excellent grades.In Korea, universities are divided into eight grades. Let’s learn about the ladder distribution of Universities in Korea.The highest level of colleges and universities in our country is the first in a group, which is often referred to as the NINE universities in the C9 alliance.These nine universities are all the best in China, so the C9 league is also known as the Ivy League of China in the international community.As the first batch of universities selected by China’s 985 project, these nine universities enjoy a good reputation in the world. As the hope of Building a world-class university in China, C9 alliance universities also share resources and learn from each other to achieve the goal of building a world-class university in China as soon as possible.As the pinnacle of China’s universities, these nine universities are the holy land that all students yearn for.Yearning for their pure learning environment, yearning for their strong faculty, yearning for their rich discipline construction, as long as the students who graduate from these schools, basically have no worry about finding a job after graduation.But the students who can be admitted to these nine universities can be said to be gifted. Many of them are gifted in learning and can reach the peak if they combine their talents with their efforts. After receiving the training of the top teachers in the country, many of the students in THE C9 Union will become a powerful force in the construction of the motherland.There are 23 “vice-ministerial-level” 985 colleges and universities ranked second in China’s university rankings. As a first-class university in China, many students yearn for it.Although it is not as difficult as north Qing Dynasty, only the students who rank very high in the school can take the exam.Among them are the National People’s Congress, which focuses on the humanities and social sciences, the Famous University Beijing Normal University, which is located in Shandong Province, the capital of Sichuan Province, and other first-class universities in China.Although these institutions are not as good as those in the C9 alliance, their superior disciplines have the same strength and even better skills as C9.There are only 7 third-class colleges and universities in the group, but each of them is the best in their own province, and is also a famous 985 college. It is recognized by everyone and recognized by the state as a key university, and it is also an engineering college to create world-class universities.Although these colleges are at the bottom of the 985, the strength of their specialty is as strong as that of the first and second tier 985 colleges.The universities with the fourth and fifth steps are all 211 project universities in China.These colleges are closer to the average student, unlike the first – and second-tier colleges that are out of reach of most students.The universities in these two tiers are the ones that students may have a chance to reach if they study hard, which is a more realistic goal. Maybe if they are not able to be admitted by North Qingqing University even though they study hard, these 211 universities can be your choice.Although not as good as those 985 colleges, its educational strength should not be underestimated.If you want to register for these 211 universities, the score of the college entrance examination should be around six hundred points, which is still difficult for most students to reach, and only the top few students in the class have the opportunity to register for it. The employment prospects after graduation are also bright, and it is also the gathering place of many excellent students.The sixth, seventh and eighth tier universities are local universities divided by provinces, but there are also many excellent universities whose characteristic disciplines are also very famous. For example, the strength of the chemistry department of Liaocheng University is second only to Shandong University in Shandong province.Therefore, it is more important for students to pay attention to their strong subjects when applying for universities on the ladder, so that they can learn real skills even if they do not go to prestigious universities.Gaokao is a turning point in students’ lives. Many poor children have changed their lives by it.After the college entrance examination is to fill in the voluntary, its importance is no less than the college entrance examination, so the voluntary filling is very need candidates to consider, once filled in the error, their three years of hard work will come to nothing, think about it will not be reconciled.So examinees do not think that after the college entrance examination can relax, understand the relevant information of the university in advance and what is the key subject, combined with the current employment situation to choose their own professional, on their own future has a great impact, directly affect the future direction of employment.I wish all candidates can wish to be admitted to their yearning university.