The PLA soldiers were asked to retire from the army because they saved the old man, only to learn a few months later that the old man was the founding general

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Friendship is a very strange thing, is two strangers from know each other, sometimes need not say anything, but you know me, I also know you.Even if it had been silent, it would not appear awkward.Today’s story is about such a pair of friends.In that special period, a PLA soldier regardless of military discipline saved an old man, and it is because of the old man, the PLA was asked to retire, so what kind of old man is this, which has what kind of story?Zhao Baoqun Zhang Aiping had in the war of Resistance against Japanese aggression and the war of liberation period left a great achievements, and when the People’s Republic of China was founded, was named the founding general.However, in that particular period, due to various reasons, he suffered great persecution, was wrongly monitored, tortured, and even almost lost his own life.However, in the old man feel that life is endless darkness, want to give up life, give up life, but fortunately met the person who changed his life, that is the PLA soldier Zhao Baoqun.He’s kind and loving and warm and caring.His arrival even saved Zhang aiping’s life.Due to the instructions of the superior, the doctors and nurses in the hospital could not get close to the old man, and because of this reason, it affected Zhang Aiping’s treatment.Later, the old man’s health deteriorated.See this situation to the above reaction, out of care for him, so in the army to find a small soldiers zhao Baoqun to take care of Zhang Aiping.Before the superior appointed Zhao Baoqun to the hospital to take care of Zhang Aiping, the superior has made it clear that zhao Baoqun only needs to take care of the old man, zhao Baoqun and Zhang Aiping are not allowed to go too close, otherwise it is a violation of discipline.Zhao Baoqun little soldier full of promise.And Zhao Baoqun is really in accordance with the requirements of the superior do?The answer is no.Zhao Baoqun wanted to finish the organizational task well.But the collapse of the heart is in that moment, when Zhao Baoqun saw the old and weak Zhang Aiping, the heart can not help but tremble, the old man, looks very serious, very solemn, but the body is very weak.Zhao Baoqun or moved, he can not help but sympathize with Zhang Aiping.Zhao Baoqun accepted this task, carefully take care of the old man, because the old man’s mobility inconvenience.In order to take better care of Zhang Aiping, Zhao Baoqun personally feed medicine, feed food, wipe the body for Zhang Aiping.Such conscientious young men are even more careful than girls.This also let Zhang Aiping loosen guard slowly.And he’s getting better.The friendship of two people is heating up slowly, Zhao Baoqun discovers this old man is absolutely not average person, often pick up chairman MAO’s books to see, speak also have level.Zhao Baoqun is very careful, he knows what Zhang Aiping likes to eat, and will think of ways to get Zhang Aiping.Because Zhang Aiping in this special period is also monitored, so Zhao Baoqun will meet for Zhang Aiping and family.02 Forget friends never forget to see Zhang Aiping so not easy, Zhao Baoqun heart is not the taste, he as far as possible to Take care of Zhang Aiping is more delicate, but also in Zhao Baoqun’s careful care, let Zhang Aiping feel the warmth of a long time.Also such kind and love, let Zhang Aiping rekindle hope unexpectedly.But Zhang Aiping’s condition has not seen improvement, even a night, Zhang Aiping suddenly deteriorated.It’s urgent.But the doctors were off duty, and the nurses were worried but helpless.No way, Zhao Baoqun did not care what organizational discipline, he carried Zhang Aiping went to the doctor’s home late at night.The doctor is also to the utmost treatment, after two days and two nights of rescue, Zhang Aiping saved her life.So far, Zhao Baoqun and Zhang Aiping became each other’s forget the New Year, no words do not talk.Although this move saved Zhang Aiping’s life, but iron discipline, he seriously violated organizational discipline.He was severely criticized and eventually returned home.Did not expect is a few months later, he saw in the newspaper about Zhang Aiping’s report, the original has been carefully taken care of the old people turned out to be founding generals!No wonder he thought the old man was so special.There is always an indescribable fortitude in his eyes.03 Kindness in mind, death can not be forgotten later, Zhang Aiping after a long recuperation, slowly restored consciousness.After waking up, zhao Baoqun learned that because of their own reasons, leave the army, the in the mind is very guilty.But now he’s in trouble himself.He is now powerless to do anything about this matter, but this kindness is deeply imprinted in my heart.Until years later, Zhang Aiping is finally exonerated, and oneself also restored position and party membership, he begins to look for the good little soldier Zhao Baoqun that helps him many years ago.The little soldier’s help helped him see the light of life in the most difficult days.But unfortunately, after several twists and turns, there is no news of Zhao Baoqun.Seek benefactor can not, but Zhang Aiping heart is always not put, also never had to give up.Perhaps it is a coincidence that god is moved, in a chance, Zhang Aiping finally found Zhao Baoqun, the two old friends met, hug and cry, times have changed, Zhang Aiping felt that there is no newspaper, put out their allowance to Zhao Baoqun, but Zhao Baoqun said nothing.Zhao Baoqun thinks that taking care of Zhang Aiping is his duty and obligation, even if he chooses again, he will still do so.Also said that this is a small matter, do not want to disturb Zhang Aiping.04 Conclusion There is a kind of emotion, more than thousands of words, is to prove with action;There is a kind of love, more than blood relatives, is no regrets pay;There is a kind of friendship, better than love, beyond the boundaries of time and space, that is this pair of friendship.Zhao Baoqun accomplished his responsibility, gave zhang Aiping even more love.Even though he had lost his job, he never complained.Such a person’s heart must be hot, is full of positive energy, when and where he will carry forward the love.What do you think?Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact deletion!