Tell the truth: don’t understand the “small white pants” collocation secret?No matter how good your body is, you can’t wear beauty

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In all colors, simple and elegant pure white, is a very magical all-purpose color.Simple and advanced it, no matter with which kind of color suitable, can match pure and fresh free from vulgarity;Besides, it still has extremely strong inclusive, can fashionable essence reduces chun xia to wear to build medium difficulty already, what can show modelling relaxed and clean again, it is the first selection of a lot of fashionable essence is tonal.If you’re young and want to improve quickly?Then, xiaobian will suggest you start with simple and bright “small white pants”!However, white pants are classic, but they also need some matching skills.So, wearing white pants, how to match the top?The same color collocation shows advanced in all the collocation, reduce color, unified tone and become the same color department to wear, the most can reveal the temperament of the wearer.If you are not at ease with the color collocation, you are advised to match with the same color, which is the most simple and practical collocation tips.Wear highlights ① : small area skin, add skin breathing sense.The seemingly simple and effortless wearing of the same color actually contains a lot of dressing wisdom.For example, we often ignore the “sense of breathing”.To make your outfit look sexy, it’s as simple as showing off your skin.In order to reduce the overall too wrapped effect, the fashion blogger wore a slightly loose white straight pants, paired with a short white top, exposing the skin at the waist, bringing a fresh, casual breathing sense to the overall look, which is easier to create a richer sense of layering.2: use belt, handbag and other accessories to increase the overall image of the modeling sense.Due to fashionable Angle consideration, we still can use handbag, shoe, belt to wait for deserve to act the role of, increase the modelling feeling of integral figure.In the picture on the right, the blogger’s shoes, belt and bag all choose the same color, while the overall tone of the body remains the same color collocation, the whole picture is fashionable and lively.Skill two: add color department, let wear match more lively wear match highlights ① : choose color jacket, look particularly cute and cute.White pants belong to a relatively simple color, if you want to wear a simple fashion feeling, you can try eye-catching, bright color jacket with it, you can easily wear a eye-catching bright modern style.If the blue sweater of lake general cultivate one’s body, give slight soft mist feeling fully, show hazy beauty.The little sister paired a pair of white wide-leg trousers that many Instagram bloggers have worn to create a look that is tight on the top and loose on the bottom, showing off the feminine and intellectual temperament.Wear highlights (2) : with the help of color shoes to add highlights to the model.Canvas shoes versatile and practical wear, we should be aware of.Pair it with classic white pants and watch the look look youthful.Figure Beautiful female this wears build, really color canvas shoe and small white pants trend tone very good ground ignite, appear very grab an eye above the vision.She opted for a Maltese blue cotton shirt in a similar shade to the blue espadrilles, with a black belt around the waist to outline the high-waisted line and make her figure look taller.Skill three: black and white clash color collocation, good control not grandiose.Black and white are the basic and classic colors, one mysterious, the other pure, just like black and white keys, you can freely switch between tenderness and spontaneity.For girls who really don’t want to make an effort to dress up, try this classic color combo.Wear highlights: white space, give people endless reverie.In the combination of black and white, the two extreme color combinations of black and white bring intuitive impact to people. When dressing and matching, we can appropriately leave white space, and it will be easier to feel the minimalist advanced point.Take the left picture blogger’s dress as an example, she chose a white nine-minute pants with a white design, leaving a nine-minute length of leeway, so that you enjoy very freedom and calm.The collar of black small unlined upper garment is untied a few buttons, make the languid lazy feeling that gives along with a sex.Wear highlights (2) : black and white 37 points optimization proportion, to help you wear a good figure for petite women, choose the “short and long” method, the use of “37 points wearing method” is also one of the ways to highlight a good figure.Thirty-seven points from the literal meaning of the point of view, refers to the upper body proportion of the body 3/10, because this proportion is generally considered to be more comfortable and good-looking.We can achieve the effect of slimming and showing height through fitting corners, or directly choosing the matching skills of short tops, and then through appropriate skin revealing skills.Skill four: deserve to act the role of opportunely want to make a dress that absorbs eyeball, bright eye, still cannot leave to deserve to act the role of foil, and dress tastes good woman, also be love to deserve to act the role of with all sorts of, let wear build to have new soul.Wear highlights ① : scarves, bags, belts can be used as accessories to adorn wearing pure color clothes, can be matched with all kinds of accessories, so not only will not show messy but coordination and durable.Take silk scarf accessories as an example, it is recommended to choose delicate and soft silk material, only in this way can match the innate wisdom of women.Other accessories, such as bags and belts, add to the look.Wear highlights ② : necklace, buttons…To make the whole outfit full of design sense.Delicate different buttons on small unlined upper garment, lightsome and exquisite bracelet, as well as a symbol of the beautiful romantic metal necklace, all can be used as the auxiliary fashion designs, if collocation is proper, have added a few minutes for your grace, to sum up, these accessories deck is not only our fashion designs, they still enhance our self-confidence talisman!Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you!