Unlock life’s amazing moments with the new Ford EVOS

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After the moist spring rain, everything began to revive.At this time of year, the Ford EVOS will unlock more amazing moments!New Ford EVOS, innovative wisdom big five-seat SUV, plus (strong insurance + commercial insurance), with spring, to send you the warmth of the spring sun!Buy a car to enjoy double insurance gift (strong insurance + commercial insurance) ① plus, more intelligent driving assistance escort enjoy 3 years of 0 interest rate financial scheme to 15,000 yuan replacement subsidies ② old owners enjoy to low 0 Yuan ford EVOS③, any brand model replacement Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance ④ 1998-259,800 yuan ⑤① double insurance gift,EVOS fashion edition, Sport edition and the first limited edition models can be compulsory insurance and commercial insurance subsidies, up to 5,000 yuan per set.② Enjoy the replacement gift, that is, the specific replacement subsidy will be different due to the replacement of different models.(3) Changan Ford owners using Changan Ford models to replace Ford EVOS, through the original car valuation + replacement subsidy, offset the down payment amount, to achieve a low 0 yuan drive EVOS.The valuation of the original car shall be subject to the actual evaluation and the relevant requirements of the second-hand car replacement policy.(4) Any brand model replacement Changan Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance, only the first personal owners of the new car, the annual limit of 1 basic maintenance, basic maintenance is to replace the oil machine filter.If the vehicle is transferred, the lifelong free maintenance automatically expires.If the owner/car meets other conditions of free maintenance activities, the free maintenance policy will not be added to enjoy.Replacement enjoy lifetime maintenance is only for personal replacement purchase, and in line with the relevant requirements of second-hand car replacement policy.⑤EcoBoost®245 technology edition is a major customer model, order production, customer qualification and minimum order quantity requirements, delivery cycle is more than 6 months.Specific order terms and delivery cycle will depend on the demand and parts supply, please call Changan Ford 4008877766 hotline for more information.* The above loan products are provided by many financial institutions in cooperation with Changan Ford. Customers can choose financial institutions to apply for loans independently.The new Ford EVOS adopts ford’s “potential energy aesthetics” design language, which integrates strong scientific atmosphere, heavy potential energy force and extreme movement style, bringing you to discover the real beauty in life!On the golden ratio of 4920mm long, 1920mm wide and 1600mm high, the front and back penetrating edge light belt reflects each other, the breathing 3D scale grille rises and falls against the wind, the hidden door handle reduces wind resistance, and the strong and tough lines outline the power of movement.The muscular full shape shows the powerful potential energy, the ritual sense brought by the function of “Wolong awakening”…Zhuoer extraordinary taste, let you enjoy the superior life!Thanks to the longest 2945mm wheelbase, the new Ford EVOS can achieve the highest level of nearly 5.5 square meters of cockpit space, so that even the biggest 1.9m can stretch out in the seat!The 1.1m ultra wide area 4K HD giant screen across the main and passenger driver, equivalent to the size of 13 smart phones, placed in the car, like a cinema screen across the eyes, such as smart phone cheap control way more let the driver enjoy!Not only that, the car is more intelligent embrace cockpit design, through the trim, sewing and other design elements of the bridge and extension, the car will be perfect connection of each design module, so that the spacious car space more atmospheric!The all-new Ford EVOS is also based on the FNV intelligent Internet architecture, equipped with a “mind-reading superbrain” — the all-new SYNC?+2.0 Smart Link system.Its AI intelligence based on Baidu’s powerful database can not only recognize more than 70 speech semantics, but also realize multi-dimensional intelligent interaction such as gesture control and face recognition.One of them is Ford’s first visual virtual ARTIFICIAL intelligence assistant — VPA Zhixing Partner (nickname:Ford blue friend) is even with a dynamic and science and technology feeling blue energy ring appearance, don’t because it is a picture of a “cute” shape it in, it not only can help drivers to complete all kinds of car machine operation, also can give you a story, accompany you to chat, and continuously learn your preferences, can also simulate different driving scenarios in different personification expression,It’s one of the best companions on the road!To make your journey less boring, SYNC?+2.0 system access to iQiyi, QQ Music, Ximalaya and other head audio resources, with B&O brand echo wall, shock waves let you enjoy the journey!At the same time, it also has access to many third-party applications, such as voice ticket booking, online reservation maintenance, smart parking lot convenient payment, etc.The new Ford EVOS benefits from the high-end sports modular architecture to achieve better chassis tuning;More inherit ford excellent performance genes, equipped with EcoBoost?2.0T engine and 8AT transmission to achieve millisecond shift, peak torque 376N·m, with 6.6s speed of 100 strong strength, let you start half a body ahead, enjoy!The new Ford EVOS is more intelligent than performance. Equipped with L2+ Co-Pilot 360TM Zhixing driver assistance system, the new Ford EVOS integrates multiple intelligent driver assistance configurations to achieve the deep integration of people, cars and cities.Among them, BlueCruise has L2+ level active driving assistance, which can realize “quasi-automatic driving assistance” in specific 0-130km/h full speed section by integrating ADAS map data, GPS positioning and other data through 23 sensors all over the body.The Ford Vehicle and Road Collaborative System (V2I), which is connected with the urban intelligent transportation system, can predict the road conditions ahead for you in advance and push traffic light information in time. The more predictable and intelligent driving fun can satisfy your curiosity to explore the unknown!The new Ford EVOS, “Innovative wisdom big five-seat SUV”, will help you travel in spring and unlock more amazing moments in your life!If you want further information, please call/visit the store immediately.For more details, please consult Dongguan Shenbiao Teford head shop hotline: 170-9753-1322 Business address: Dongguan Changping Town Changdong Road No. 431 (500 meters near the east train station) (here has been added to the small program, please go to understand car di client view)