Leiyang Forestry Bureau supervises current key forestry work

2022-05-20 0 By

Recently, The Forestry Bureau of Leiyang City technical personnel joint municipal Party Committee, government inspection room, discipline inspection department staff composed of 7 comprehensive supervision group, the city’s spring afforestation, forest fire prevention, forest chief system and other key forestry work supervision.Each to a place, the supervision group carefully contrast afforestation, forest fire prevention, forest long system and other work task list, check the relevant data ledger, on-site inspection.The supervision group requires that each township and street should seriously according to the work task, speed up the progress of afforestation preparation, do a good job in the acceptance of the preparation, seedlings transport and technical guidance, to ensure that the quality and quantity of afforestation task completed;To do a good job of forest fire prevention investigation, comprehensively strengthen the publicity of forest fire prevention, strictly implement the on-duty system, implement the forest fire prevention personnel and materials, do a good job in the early disposal of fire;In accordance with the relevant requirements of the forest chief system, the organization system of the two-level forest chief system and the management and protection grid of “one chief and three members” should be established as soon as possible, the publicity and patrol of the forest chief system should be actively carried out, and the data stand book should be prepared.At the same time, towns and streets with rectification tasks are required to rectify problems related to forests and forest supervision according to the time node, do a good job in ecological restoration and remediation of green, and ensure that the rectification sales number is in place.