At 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon, Zhou Qi rare drying photos revealed the latest developments, some netizens issued soul torture

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At 4 PM on February 20, Zhou posted a rare photo of his food on social media, joking that he was a food blogger today.However, the photos posted by “Famous Poland” look appetiful, with grilled steak, beef, prawns, squid, salmon and large crab looking very attractive.We don’t know if zhou qi is attending a private party or a team dinner, but judging from the barbecue dinner, zhou Qi is in a good mood.Some fans joked: eat more, but also long!There are also netizens issued a soul torture: eat such oily things, won’t fat?Zhou Qi scored seven points and two rebounds in 12 minutes of phoenix’s game against the Bullets on Sunday, not because the coach doesn’t value zhou, but because he fell into the foul trap early.It is worth mentioning that the ASL was hailed as an alternative Chinese Derby because the Bullets had another Chinese player, Liu Chuanxing, but Liu chuanxing played less than three minutes, not only failed to score, but also made a mistake.It was an embarrassing end to a much-anticipated Chinese Derby.Zhou has had mixed performances since joining the Australian league from the Chinese basketball Association (CBA), but he has managed to make it in the Australian league thanks to his size and skill.Although the league is not as competitive as the NBA, it is far more competitive than the CBA.Big devil king play here, once the attention of the Lakers and other teams, but ultimately nothing.Although the performance of the housekeeper was not especially bright eye, but half a year in Australia, his defensive skills and the ability to fight or get a lot of ascension, although the housekeeper to join league is ultimately want to Australia as a springboard, a return to the NBA, but even temporarily to the NBA, always here to play, also can yet be regarded as good chance to exercise their own.