Buy fruits, no matter whether you have money or not, buy these 8 kinds of fruits, which are low in calories and high in nutrition, and have a happy New Year

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Guide language: buy fruit, no matter rich do not have money to buy these 8 kinds more, quantity of heat is little nutrition tall, still have New Year good moral meaning.New Year’s day to buy fruit has exquisite, buy the eight kinds of conditions allow more calories less nutrients, family love to eat the goodies for Chinese New Year ready to, in addition to all kinds of dried fruit preserves, don’t forget to buy some fruit, especially Chinese New Year when the weather is cold, eat too much of the big fish big meat, more need to eat more fruit rich in vitamin and dietary fiber to balanced nutrition,Otherwise really want to fulfill that sentence “every festival fat three catties” words, Chinese New Year, buy what New Year goods all have different pay attention to, but when buying fruit, Yue Yue suggested that no matter have money, buy the following 8 kinds more.New Year’s Day, conditions allow don’t miss these 8 fruits, water enough sweetness is high, fewer calories and nutrition is quite comprehensive, family love to eat don’t worry about fat, and there are good New Year meaning, why not?Let’s see what they are.1. The strawberry:Spring is strawberries before and after a large number of listed season, sweet taste, delicate appearance fascinates people, when choosing, it’s best to see the appearance of the strawberries is intact, there is not the color of the leaves on the top of the new, fresh strawberries don’t pick too large, the greater a strawberry is to make the expansion agent and ripening agent, strawberry is red meat, but the top is blue,The shape of the strawberry is also very strange. It has no taste at all. It is the natural growing strawberry that gives the flavor.2. Grapefruit:South for the holiday home is must buy grapefruit, fruity grapefruit has the meaning of “reunion”, when choosing, should choose “short neck” pomelo, also is pointed the wide flat circular, this is the standard shape of pomelo, the top of the neck as well short of grapefruit, because of excessive top indicates that pomelo peel and more thick, the inside of the pulp is small, and then there are the “belly”,The flatter the pomelo is, the bigger and fuller the flesh inside.3. Orange: New Year’s day without orange, this season is the most favored sugar orange, look at the skin, the skin is fine and smooth without holes orange is thin orange, if the skin is rough or there are black and moldy orange taste is not so good.Look at the umbilicus and the stalk, there is a small circle at the bottom of the orange, that is its umbilicus, when buying oranges, do not pick the orange whose umbilicus protrudates out, because that orange is generally more sour.Another thing to look for is a clean cut orange with a stem, so that it tastes fresh and sweet and avoids puncturing the other oranges when put together.4. Citrus: citrus can be called “eye protection fruit” in winter, orange peel is relatively thin, it is a combination of orange and orange the advantages of the two, taste fresh and sweet, no fruit residue, juice, high nutritional value, taste is better.5. Oranges: Eating oranges for Chinese New Year means “contentment”. Avoid those that are too big, rough on the skin, and have a hard hand to avoid buying “dry” oranges with thick, dry flesh.6. Pear, pear is known as “hundreds of cases of fruit”, enough moisture, heat and special low, the weather is cold and dry, during the Chinese New Year for some fresh pear, beneficial Yu Run dry decrease internal heat, peeled raw, or cutting with rock sugar steamed, also can be used to make sweet and delicious sweet and sour pork, fresh solution greasy very appetizing.Apple: Eating apples during the Chinese New Year means “thriving, safe and sound”, so every family will buy some apples, it is recommended not to buy too big, covered with red apples, it is best to pick the head, with a slight red sunburn apple is the most sweet.8. Kiwi fruit, the fruit has a “the king of fruits”, “the king of fruit”, “the king of vitamin C, etc, when the choose and buy to see color, good Xian monkey peach skin color close to yellow, brown, looks glossy, and on the surface of the hair is not easy to fall off, so that it more sufficient sunshine time in the growth process, some eat more sweet,It is suggested to choose some fruit with hard handle. If the body feels soft or some parts are soft, it is not recommended to select it. The fruit inside the Macaque peach is shapely after being turned over and over, so it is easy to go bad even after being bought.Conclusion: Buy fruit for Chinese New Year, no matter whether you have money or not, if conditions allow, don’t miss the above 8 kinds, less calories and high nutrition, and good New Year meaning, family love to eat after the table is not wasted.Thank you for watching @Yueyue’s delicious food gathering, healthy collocation, home cooking carefully delicious!Welcome to pay attention to, like, collect, forward, your support is the biggest encouragement to Yueyue!May God bless you!