Huaibei precision services to help youth innovation and entrepreneurship

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“Real money” financial support, “butler style” service escort, “point to point” business guidance……Since 2021, the Communist Youth League Huaibei Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League has actively played its role, actively implemented support policies, innovated service methods, optimized the entrepreneurial environment, built a service platform, focused on serving youth innovation and entrepreneurship, and created a good environment for youth innovation and entrepreneurship.Huaibei municipal committee of the communist youth league in combination with the city’s finance, finance and other departments to carry out the youth entrepreneurship fiscal interest discount loan projects, key support good market prospects and development power, leading industry is strong, safe and green environmental protection of youth entrepreneurship programs, three years has qualified 155 projects provide subsidised capital of 1.8158 million yuan, total amount of leveraged loans of more than 3000 ten thousand yuan.Zhang Kaiqiang, a young entrepreneur who has returned to his hometown in Sipu Town of Suixi County, developed celery cultivation with the support of local youth league organizations and was named “Young Pioneer of Rural revitalization in Anhui Province” in 2021.The Suixi County Committee of the Communist Youth League set up a celery planting youth club in Suixi County, which visited the base irregularly to learn about the production and operation situation in time and invited agricultural technology experts for on-site guidance to help solve production problems.The urgent required for insight into the youth entrepreneurship at the grass-roots level, huaibei municipal committee of the communist youth league youth league organizations and cadres at the grass-roots level, throughout the city to carry out the visit investigation, comprehensive MoPai, field view area of youth entrepreneurship basic situation, to establish “huaibei city young entrepreneurial talent pool,” a WeChat working group, to strengthen the attention and guidance of youth entrepreneurship;To hold a seminar for young entrepreneurs, deeply analyze the current situation and problems of youth development, build a platform for communication and cooperation for young entrepreneurs in Huaibei city, assign grassroots cadres of the Youth League to serve as “waiters” for young entrepreneurs in different regions, and create a “strong magnetic field” for young talents.Huaibei municipal committee of the communist youth league also actively recommend excellent entrepreneurial youth to participate in the youth entrepreneurial organization cadre training, guide the city youth entrepreneurship organizations active docking with the provincial party committee party school youth entrepreneurship mentors field, through the innovation carrier form, build the young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to exchange learning, cooperation, innovation platform, help business people to broaden the horizons and enrich their knowledge, improve concept.In order to attract outstanding young talents to work and start a business in Huaibei, huaibei Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Huaibei Talent Office jointly build huaibei Youth talent Station relying on youth apartment.”Huaibei Youth Talent Station will provide temporary accommodation, employment guidance, innovation and entrepreneurship exchange, urban integration and other one-stop services for the young talents who come to Huaibei for employment and entrepreneurship. We will do our best to make the station a warm first station for the young talents to come to Huaibei.”Li Yandong, secretary of huaibei Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, told reporters that innovation elements will be further gathered to strengthen the guarantee of entrepreneurship, innovation carriers, integration of resources from the youth entrepreneurship platform, entrepreneurship financing, entrepreneurship guidance and entrepreneurship talent team construction, and steadily promote the implementation of service measures.Young people are a new force for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.Huaibei city has built a complete support system centering on financial support, policy support and business environment to cultivate fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.At the same time, it has built a platform to enhance the transformation of the achievements of youth entrepreneurship and innovation teams, which has injected impetus into high-quality transformation and development.