Often “hand hemp” is cervical vertebra bad?And beware of these diseases

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Always hand hemp, weakness may be “cervical vertebra is bad”?Instead, the situation became more and more serious until the medical examination was not told by the doctor that the cervical spondylosis was at all…”Numbness in the right arm, I always thought it was cervical spondylosis, who would think about nerve tumor?”Grandma Zhang, 71 years old this year, in the past two years, the total feeling of right arm discontinuous numbness, the recent increase in the number of attacks, thought that the onset of cervical spondylosis, she often went to the nearby private massage parlour massage.Half a month later, the illness became more serious.In Wuhan Brain Hospital · Yangtze River Shipping General Hospital, the old man was found to have a nerve tumor in the cervical canal, and the doctor removed the tumor for the operation.One week after surgery, the old man’s arm pain disappeared, numbness was significantly relieved, no upper limb movement disorder, will be discharged from hospital rehabilitation.Postoperative pathology confirmed that the troublesome tumor was an intervertebral foraminal schwannoma.The receiving expert professor Cen Bo from the Department of neurosurgery said that schilemoma is the most common tumor in the cervical spine. Because its symptoms are similar to the principle of spinal cord and nerve root compression caused by cervical spondylosis, the two symptoms are almost the same, which is often mistaken for simple cervical spondylosis and delayed treatment.Cen Bo reminds, once the daily occurrence of progressive aggravation of limb radiation pain, movement disorders, paresthesia, in the case of conventional treatment of cervical spondylosis is ineffective, it is recommended to go to the hospital neurology department for a comprehensive examination in time.Ms. Chen, 48, lives in Wuchang. Her fingers on her right hand are always numb and weak. She thinks she has cervical spondylosis.In the past year, I have been doing acupuncture and physiotherapy in a small clinic near my home. Unexpectedly, my condition became more and more serious, and I could not even hold a piece of paper in my right hand.On Its way to Wuhan No. 3 Hospital, Chou Critchley, an attending physician at the department of Osteology, found that Chen’s right hand muscles atrophy. An MRI on her neck showed that She didn’t have neck disease.Combined with the emG results, it was determined that Ms. Chen had cubital tunnel syndrome, in which the ulnar nerve inside her elbow was pulled, worn and compressed, causing ulnar neuritis and affecting her fingers.Since Ms. Chen had suffered nerve damage and atrophy of the hand muscles, in order to avoid more serious consequences of hand deformity and hand weakness, the doctor performed a right ulnar nerve release operation for Ms. Chen and transposed the ulnar nerve to the front, creating a favorable environment for the recovery of the ulnar nerve function.Its symptoms are both iconic and common, Chou Critchley says. Many citizens find it their own cause, including shoulder pain, neck pain and numbness in their fingers.But in fact, there are more nerves in neck, shoulder and back. Taking hand hemp as an example, the diseases that may cause hand hemp include cervical spondylosis, blood vessel compression, stroke, diabetes, etc. Only by accurately finding out the cause can effective treatment be taken.Hand hemp is not necessarily cervical spondylosis poke map to understand the occurrence of unilateral or bilateral hand hemp should be alert to what problems?Doctors advise people not to diagnose themselves or seek professional help if they are suffering.