World of warcraft: P3 lunchbox group, everyone is happy with the situation, blizzard this bet right

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In world of warcraft TBC nostalgia, P1 phase of this difficulty is moderate, the length can be, everyone is very easy to fight, even in jail at most half an hour, and when P2 stage began, this difficulty is very high, and copy is long, at that time back to the pit players is indeed very much, and by the P3 stage,The two T6 groups are really cheap, especially haishan, and most of the bosses are free.I believe many friends also predicted before P3 opened, these two groups must be very convenient.None, however, it would be so simple, whether seamounts bento BOSS, or the temple a few dark BOSS is away, as long as you can stick to the fight, certainly can have this, nothing but is a little bit long time, estimated that most of the junior partner with small make up the idea of no difference, blizzard also know the needs of everyone, since it is nostalgia,Then take it easy, so that more players can experience the happiness of the group.At the beginning of P2, blizzard knew how many players were going to drop pits, and the difficult group version was meaningless for players who liked retro suits, and everyone didn’t like it.At present P3 difficulty is really suitable, the BOSS of dark Temple still has some pressure, but the pressure is just acceptable, as long as the leader makes a good deployment, it is not difficult to fight.Some players will not agree to see here, the group is so easy, no challenge, in fact, like the challenge or go to the formal service of the group is good, most of the nostalgic players are a happy figure, now is also during the Spring Festival, happy to the group this through, better than anything.On the first day of the opening of this phase, some teams even started team racing. They were really fast, and in a few hours, they got through haishan and DH.Normal players also won’t have what big pressure, the most waste of time, or run body, small make up the association of forest is about the same, although many players are not on time online, but as long as people have come together, we work together, just put out a few times group, the BOSS of what was more smoothly, one touch of gear face is black, the somebody else is a knife,It’s just jealousy.And the tail king blood is really too low, before the formal dress seems to be 10 million, or 8 million, a bit of memory chaos, now nostalgic dress here to fight, is comfortable, finally can be good abuse it!If you have any thoughts on this, please comment in the comments section.