Amazon Children’s Lego robot CPC certification test project

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Since toys sold by Amazon must comply with the Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSC), the CPC certification must be done by a CPSC-authorized laboratory!Before doing this CPC certification, it is recommended that the seller confirm whether the testing company has this CPSC authorization, which is very important!Amazon children’s products certificateCPC certification process: 1.Fill in the application form, 2. provide product information, 3. send samples, 4. test OK, 5.Issue report /certificate.Cycle: 7 working days Cost: according to actual situation!Amazon’s toy products must meet this CPC certification requirement!Many businesses do not understand what this is!Lead to a large number of toy products off the shelves, heavy losses!Can grasp the opportunity to make money, depends on your preparation is sufficient!Don’t take any chances!Summary of CONTENT of CPSIA effective 14 August 2008 Chapter I – Safety of Children’s Products Lead in Children’s Products, Lead in Paint Regulations (Section 101) Mandatory third-party testing of certain children’s products (Section 102) Children’s Product Tracking Labels (Section 103) Durable Infant Product Standards and Consumer Registration (Section 104)Toys and games advertising label requirements (section 105). Mandatory toy safety standards (106) some relevant prevention of injury and death of the children’s products (107) banned the sale of certain contains phthalates in salt products (108 knots) Sec. 102 compulsory third-party testing federal law requires many consumer products manufacturers and importers of testing to prove compliance with extinctionFeipin safety requirements.- Based on the test results of compliance, the manufacturer or importer must certify that the consumer product complies with the applicable consumer product safety requirements in the form of a written or e-certificate.Must accompany the product or shipment and must provide copies to retailers, vendors and suppliers.U Consumer products include children’s and non-children’s products (generic products).Testing of children’s products:A, children’s products, must conform to the relevant rules and safety regulations, and for the third party testing B, testing must be in the CPSC accredited lab for C, based on the results of the third party test CPCcertificate issued by manufacturer or importer, can also be issued by A third party laboratory to assist D, children’s products must comply with all applicable rules or regulations