147 “double first-class” universities “pyramid”, can be divided into “six grades”?

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A new round of “double first-class” universities has been announced, with 147 universities joining the “national team”.The first round of “double first-class” universities did not “get off” universities, there are seven new universities in the “double first-class”.Guangdong province was the big winner, with three new universities joining the ranks of “double First-class” and becoming a province with strong higher education.In the background of downplaying “first-class universities” and “first-class disciplines”, what are the “highlights” worth paying attention to in this round of “double first-class universities”?New edition double first-class university “pyramid” how to distinguish?Tsinghua university and Peking University are among two universities that stand out from the rest.First round “double top” cycle, tsinghua university, Beijing university also with A number of “985” brothers are classified as “A world class university” class, this is no longer distinguish between “category”, tsinghua university and Peking University directly upgraded to “released on their own and independent establishment construction disciplines in colleges and universities”, belong to the circle of colleges and universities “A”, highlights the “unique position” of the two schools in the country.Has more than 10 “first-class disciplines” in colleges and universities under the “tsinghua university and Peking University”, in selected number of discussion, has more than 10 departments of colleges and universities in “the second”, including selected 21 subjects, zhejiang university, 20 of the fudan university, 18 subjects of Shanghai jiaotong university, 16 subjects of nanjing university, 14 of the renmin university of China,12 subjects of Beijing Normal University and Southeast University, 11 subjects of University of Science and Technology of China, Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University.These colleges and universities form the “second phalanx” of famous schools, and are truly comprehensive first-class universities!Universities with five to ten “first-class disciplines” can be ranked in the “third tier”, including Huazhong University of Science and Technology and China Agricultural University with nine disciplines, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tongji University and Xi ‘an Jiaotong University with eight disciplines.There are 6 disciplines of Northeast Normal University, Jilin University, Nankai University, Xiamen University, Sichuan University, 5 disciplines of National University of Defense Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Tianjin University, Peking Union Medical College, Central South University.Universities at this level are more “miscellaneous”, including “985” universities, “211” universities, comprehensive “Big MAC” universities, and “characteristic winning” industrial universities. In the new cycle, everyone will have opportunities, and the achievements of discipline construction will become the key to break the situation in this “circle”.College has three “top discipline” has three departments of colleges and universities in “the fourth floor”, this layer is more “noise” in university, from zhengzhou university, Beijing university of Chinese medicine, such as “new”, also has the dalian university of technology, chongqing university, hunan university and other colleges and universities, “985” are in the “circle” of many colleges and universities “unwilling”, also is full of “hope”.Have one or two “top discipline” of colleges and universities have one or two departments of colleges and universities in “the fifth layer”, this layer is the “main force” of the construction of the “double top”, contains more than half of the colleges and universities, some universities in shanxi university and other new “double top”, also has a large number of colleges and universities, the original “211” goal is to focus on the development of these colleges and universities built one or two subjects,Strive to achieve world-class standards.The “surprise” of this layer is the three “985” universities, northwest A&F University, Northeastern University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. It is really not satisfactory that only two disciplines of these three universities are selected. We expect them to focus on the development of competitive disciplines and “break the ice” as soon as possible.Only one subject, encountering “public warning” released a list of the second round of colleges and universities, there are 16 subjects of 15 universities encounter “public warning”, such as ningbo university, guangxi university school, which is different, northeast normal university, huazhong normal university, Beijing university of Chinese medicine and other places have more than one discipline shortlist for formal, “relegation” less pressure;Ningbo University, Anhui University and other universities are relatively “dangerous”. Only one discipline is selected for the first round of construction cycle, but the second round is in the “warning list”. If it is careless, it will have the risk of “getting off”!