Three years after their divorce, Ma Yili is still alive and well

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In 2011, Ma yili, who had been married for three years, confessed to her husband Wen Zhang on the show: “No matter how much we have achieved, or how badly our careers fall on any given day, I will always be your wife, and you will always be my husband.”Unfortunately, it’s only ten years.The original vows of eternal love are still in my ears, but everything has changed.The starting point is not too high.He starred in Zhao Baogang’s Struggle in 2006, just after graduating from the Academy.The show now seems to have a star-studded cast.There are wen Zhang, Ma Yili, Tong Dawei, Li Xiaolu, Wang Luodan and other people.With this play, Wen Zhang became famous overnight.Also, wen zhang and Ma Yili have established a relationship because of this drama.But by that time, Ma yili had already become a big flower in the entertainment industry with the role of Xia Ziwei in My Fair Princess.Although Wen Zhang is eight years younger than Ma and just started his career, he still started chasing ma.Before the show was finished, the two got together.However, their relationship has not been well received by the outside world. Many people think wen is hugging Ma’s thighs.After the two were photographed dating, the headline described the article’s “mystery man.”The article is naturally very uncomfortable, clearly he is also an actor, how to become a “mysterious man”.This also see, in fact, the article on their own and Ma Yili gap is still very mind.Wen Is actually a very ambitious man.He once said: “When it comes to matching, I should be the best actor.”It’s hard to imagine him willing to be the man behind Ma Yili.Whenever Wen Zhang is depressed, Ma yili will persuade him: “You don’t have any pressure. We are boyfriend and girlfriend. Our relationship is equal.In 2008, Ma Yili and Wen Zhang got married. Shortly after their marriage, they had a baby named Wen Emma.The daughter’s name alone shows how much they were in love.Show business depends on acting skills but also on connections.Article acting is very good, but contacts and no contacts, in the development of entertainment is the day difference.Ma Yili started out earlier than Zhang zhang and accumulated many relationships early, so she began to actively seek resources for her “little husband”.Thus came the “Zhou Wei Guo” in Snow Leopard;”Xiao Bei” in Dwelling Narrowness;Wang Xiaojian from Love is Not blind.Of course, the article itself is very good.He played every part beautifully.The article’s play road is more and more wide, the actors are more and more big, the work almost shot a fire, get the award to get soft.Jet Li is willing to be his green leaf, in “Ocean Paradise”, “The Legend of the White Snake”, “No two Detective”.When Stephen Chow filmed Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, he said: “I still want to choose the best, to choose the article is appropriate.”All of this is the ultimate actor’s dream, but the article is somewhat simple, he felt really good.At that time the article is really the scenery is infinite, not only is the affectionate good husband, or a good actor with both appearance level and acting ability.He has not only won the attention of major directors, but also won the hearts of many young girls.Of course, at this glorious moment, Wen did not forget to vindicate Ma Yili.Standing on the podium, he said: “The best thing in my life is that my woman’s name is Ma Yili. I was born to find Ma Yili.”Sweet words are still in my ears, trouble is coming.In 2014, the article broke.Back in 2011, Wen and Yao co-starred in Naked Marriage Era, in which they played a childhood sweethearts.The drama is popular, yao Di is also popular, but she and zhang Wen are in love because of the drama.At an award ceremony in 2012, the newly popular Yao di said adoringly, “Teacher Wen Zhang is my idol.”The host said, “But he’s married.”Yao di replied, “Just an idol.”At that time the expression of the article is very thought-provoking, seems to be very calm, but there is a hint of sneaky joy, bow smile is very gentle.In their marriage, Ma Yili has always been in the leading position, firmly holding all the power in their family.Perhaps yao Di’s body, the article’s “male” doctrine can be satisfied.The article is no longer what it was.After his success, he is no longer willing to do ma Yili behind the “little man”, at this time yao Di’s appearance is like a fuse.This is getting out of hand.In March 2014, Wen and Yao were photographed spending six days and six nights together, and intimate photos of the two went viral online.At that time, Ma Yili had just given birth to her second child.After the news was exposed, the article changed from a superstar to a “cheater”, a “heartbreaker” and a “man who cheated and played with women’s feelings”.When he became famous in his early years, he offended many people because he was too frivolous.When Wen Wen was popular, he was known for being “difficult” in the industry. He had to eat his favorite noodles and drink his favorite coffee while filming.If he is not satisfied, he will not cooperate with the work, and even swore, the attitude is very arrogant.Not only that, he had two faces.When attending a press conference with a big name, he is modest and polite, but when attending a press conference with a small name, he is indifferent throughout.Therefore, after his accident, no one in the circle was willing to speak for him, and many media people came out to “kick him when he is down”.Breast-feeding betrayed, everyone is waiting for Ma Yili to throw out the “divorce”, kick the “unfaithful man” Wen Zhang.To our surprise, Ma Yili put an end to this farce by saying, “Marriage is not easy, and cherish it.”Many people mourn ma’s misfortune and are angry with him.As a matter of fact, Ma yili already knew one thing: “Some people seem to have a happy marriage, but no one can guarantee that there will be no problems in their marriage.”What’s more, the two children were still small at that time, and she needed articles to support a home with her, so she swallowed all the grievances.Give an article a chance.As a wife, she is not willing to “step” on the bottom of the article, even if the man betrayed her.But adult marriage is not a joke. It is more of a responsibility. Even if Ma yili chooses to forgive, it cannot avoid moral condemnation.Wen’s career took a nose-dive after his affair, and “See you Monday” became a stain on his life.After two years of silence, Wen Zhang only produced a work, although the acting is still very good, but the audience’s attitude to him has not returned to the past.At the lowest point of Wen’s career, Ma never gave up on him. She tried her best to give him resources and take him to film with her.Wen Zhang will be the director, and Ma Yili will be the female no.1.Later, Wen was photographed accompanying his daughter to a Latin dance competition, which helped him regain some goodwill with his “good father” image.All the article and Ma Yili will continue to go on, but did not expect 6 years later, they still unexpectedly separated.In 2019, Wen zhang and Ma Yili published a joint document to end their 11-year marriage.It is worth mentioning that yao di’s marriage was officially announced not long ago, so their divorce has sparked all kinds of revenge and conspiracy theories.It is believed that Ma Yili didn’t get divorced at the beginning, but only got divorced after being cheated on for 6 years, in order to retaliate against Yao Di and Wen. Now Yao Di is married, and Wen is no longer possible.This can only sigh, the netizen imagination can be really big.But Ma Yili is really not such a shallow woman, her maturity and intelligence, really seriously underestimated.6 years ago she chose magnanimous forgiveness, 6 years later she can also choose to turn around, she did not lose reason, but did not lose decency.Although abandoned for a period of time, but still did not affect her brilliant.After the return of Ma Yili, regain their glory, standing on the podium at that moment, she shines.While other middle-aged actresses are facing the situation of no drama to shoot, Ma Yili has made a beautiful comeback with her own efforts.She won the “Huading Award” and “Magnolia Award” for best actress for her roles in “Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Don’t Believe In Tears” and “The First Half of My Life”.In 2018, Ma yili and Yao Chen starred in Find You, which won acclaim and made her a leading actress.Not long ago, ma Yili, 45, attended the awarding ceremony of the Flying Apsaras Awards.She starred in the film “Love myth” ratings and word-of-mouth are very good.On the contrary, after the divorce with Ma Yili, less and less appearance, basically there is no dynamic.In 2020, Zhang Made a rare appearance to advocate for the autism community and call attention to it.But surprisingly, wen is only 36 years old, and already has a lot of vicissitudes. Not only are his eyes blank, but he seems to be bald.It was hard to associate this haggard appearance with the high spirits of the original article.Not long ago, Wen made an unexpected appearance in a promotional video for The movie “Valley Soul,” in which he wore a plain white T-shirt.His face is gaunt, his hair is thinning, and his mental state is not very good.It’s really hard to recognize.Even netizens can not believe: the article has become so old?However, for a powerful actor, the change in image is not the most important thing, but the blow in career.In 2020, Zhang Jiayi and others starred in the “Outfit” after the broadcast received a lot of praise from the audience, but in fact, Wen Zhang was also cast.However, after broadcast, the article has been deleted, can be said to play a lonely.From ten thousand people hold, to ten thousand people suspect, the article goes to today this step is caused by their own hand.There is no denying that Wen’s acting skills are good and he is very talented, but his character is his strongest support.As we often say: “from appearance level, respect for talent, character, kindness, and finally character.”Art is more important than acting.Now when netizens mention the article, they will think of “see you on Monday” without exception, so he wants to return to the top.It’s almost impossible.A person’s good luck is limited, once lost, how powerless to return to the day, and the same some mistakes as long as made, will never go back.