If you’re in your 50s, there are four things you should do to get lucky

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1. Don’t complain when chatting with others.No one except your parents wants you to have a better life than him.”If you are poor, you are afraid of being rich” is a common mentality.Tell your bad luck to others, they will not necessarily help you, but laugh at you, why bother?All things are cause and effect, the bitter fruit brewed by oneself to eat.Age has become thin, they can manage their own things is already good, nosy is a universal mentality, everyone should put their own position right, try to think about their own things, seriously do their own things.Complaining is of no use, self-reliance is the way out, use their own time to work hard to manage their own life.Don’t keep up with the Joneses.Knowing destiny, at this age, the space to rise is already very limited, they should also have a sense of self, do what to do well, ambitious dream to give up.No matter how good someone else’s life is, it’s their life, and it has nothing to do with you. Envy and jealousy will only make your heart more complicated and uncomfortable. Relax your mind.You know, people who have more money than you, maybe someone else has more effort than you, maybe someone else has more resources than you, maybe someone else is a lot older than you.Than these retired Boyle, whose husband more thoughtful, more promise than whose young son, whose young daughter-in-law more than filial piety, whose young village more upscale than, than those who live in the house area is larger, more than the who to tourist attractions, whose young dog is more expensive than, than with a young dog food prices higher, than who wear well, than who jewelry.Look at these silly old women who have nothing to do, who compare themselves to each other, who compare themselves to each other, who are simply fed up with nothing to do.In their own children don’t eccentric, don’t be too selfish.The elderly should treat their children fairly, so as to avoid conflicts between them, which is conducive to the unity of children.The unity of your children will be a great advantage in your old age.They will work together to make you a happy old age and take good care of you.If they have conflicts because of your partiality, when they need to help you a lot, they will blame each other.Treat the children also don’t be too stingy, put their own money, according to the steps of the reasonable spread out, in exchange for their care and help to you, can maintain the harmony of the family, but also to help the children.Of course, don’t throw away all your money at once, as you may be disappointed.To be strong in the face of the disease.There is not a man that eateth whole corn without getting sick.I have to face illness and death with equanimity.In ordinary life, they can do as far as possible to do their own, when they are sick, also want to try to take care of themselves, do not easily to trouble children, do a let children worry and trouble.Don’t tell your children about minor ailments.I had a serious illness, must want the children to come forward, this time can please care workers as far as possible please care workers, children to visit you, you want to give money, children take care of you, you want to give money, than please care workers to more money.When you can take care of yourself, you live happily and enjoy your last moments. Once you can’t take care of yourself, you simply kill yourself and go on a hunger strike, so that you don’t lose your dignity as a human being and your children won’t be involved.Do the above four points, calm face life, everything will become smooth, become beautiful.This is the flavor of New Year