Trumpchi GA6 is officially launched in 2022 with a price of 10.88-146,800 yuan

2022-05-31 0 By

On February 10th, gaC Trumpchi officially announced the launch of the 2022 Trumpchi GA6 at the time of the 100,000th new car rolling off the production line in yichang factory, with the official guiding price of 1088-146,800 yuan.At the same time, GAC Trumpchi also launched four “super value” preferential policies: super value financial gift: up to 7000 yuan super discount, 5-year super long loan;Super value replacement gift: up to 5000 yuan replacement subsidy;3 years of free road rescue service;Premium data gift: free basic data for life, free entertainment data for life (1G/ month).As the leader of 100,000 class cars, Trumpchi GA6 has won the favor and recognition of the majority of users by virtue of its product advantages such as large space and high-tech since its debut.In order to bring consumers a more comfortable and technological product experience, the 2022 Trumpchi GA6 is upgraded in terms of safety, technology and convenience to bring consumers a higher value product experience.GA6 was born in GAC Trumpchi “world-class benchmark factory” Yichang factory, Yichang factory to world-class industry standards to build, is a will do their own, will self-perception, will learn evolution, will breathe the vehicle wisdom manufacturing factory.It can be said that, as the first product of Yichang factory, Trumpchi GA6 represents the highest level of GAC Trumpchi automation production field. Behind each Trumpchi GA6 is trumpchi’s intelligent manufacturing and ultimate ingenuity.The 2022 Trumpchi GA6 upgrades 18 configuration features in terms of safety, technology and convenience.With no price increase, the annual savings could easily buy you an iPhone 13 or a romantic getaway to Harbin or Xizang.The configuration of the new car has been upgraded to 10.25 inches, with the center screen of the elite and luxury models upgraded to 10.25 inches.In terms of configuration, the elite version increases the front side airbag and cruise control, while the luxury version increases LED headlights and side air curtains.Premium edition adds automatic headlight, automatic wiper, 360 panoramic image, four door guard clip (with one button to lift).Rich security configuration, greatly improve the safety of car owners.Based on the insight into the actual car needs of consumers, the 2022 Trumpchi GA6 continues the advantage of large space.The length of the vehicle is 4891mm, width 1850mm, height 1505mm, wheelbase 2815mm, leapfrog space design provides more spacious space for the ride.1895mm longitudinal space in the car, 950mm rear head space, 997mm rear leg space, with nearly flat rear platform, whether the whole family is fully loaded, or tall passengers sit down in the rear seat, can calmly deal with.Equipped with ultra-wide Angle cockpit, humanized A-pillar structure and large area triangular window design, the obstacle Angle is only 2.8 degrees, reducing the blind area of vision, creating humanized ultra-wide riding field.Plus gold medal air management, to provide users with safe, easy, healthy and clean travel enjoyment.The 2022 GA6 offers the ultimate driving experience, from a wide and luxurious ride space to a humanized ultra-wide view.The 2022 Trumpchi GA6 once again works with top hardware and software suppliers to provide users with technology and security configurations beyond expectations.The new car adopts the dual-connected screen design that gives consideration to both the sense of science and technology and practicality. It is equipped with the newly developed Tencent Auto Intelligent system, which is equipped with the super exclusive ID of the driver and provides the automatic setting of the driver’s memory preference, the use of multiple accounts, the one-click association of ecological applications and other applications.Trumpchi GA6 is equipped with the most advanced ESP 9.3 body stability system provided by Bosch, which fully covers L2 level automatic driving assistance system, providing adaptive cruise, pre-collision warning, blind zone monitoring and other all-round driving assistance, so that users can deal with many driving scenarios without worry, and further ensure the safety of driving and riding.2022 GA6 control performance also makes people excited.The new car is equipped with a new GAC GPMA high-performance platform, which upgrades all components of the chassis suspension, matches the ultra-high strength body design, and gives high consideration to handling and comfort, setting a new level of Trumpchi chassis adjustment.It is equipped with high pressure direct injection 1.5T engine and high quality AISin 6AT transmission.Rated power up to 124kW at 5000r/min, torque up to 265N.m at 1700-4000r /min, fuel consumption of only 6.3L per 100km.The 2022 GA6 adopts the modeling language of light and shadow sculpture 3.0 with “high texture and gorgeous”, and adopts the new family-style “Lingyun Wing 3.0” design on the front face to vividly reproduce the dynamic freeze frame of “flying wings flapping”.The body is like a “blade of high wind”, covered with a curved light and shadow sculpture 3.0 shape, complemented by a straight upper waist line, fully shows the momentum of ready to go.”A picture opens the sky” technology taillight, more extensive and vigorous.”Boomerang” rearview mirror turn lights and “sharp wing” fog lights also add luster to the new car.Since its listing, Trumpchi GA6 has become a happy choice for many car users. The solid user reputation and leap-level value experience all prove the quality of Trumpchi GA6.Now, in order to meet more diversified market demands, GAC Trumpchi not only upgraded to meet the needs of family users, but also launched 2022 GA6 with higher value. Together with the sports car “Exploding The speed of China” – Shadow Leopard, GAC trumpchi has entered into the young consumer market.Trumpchi’s differentiated values and complementary advantages will continue to provide consumers with richer car experience.