Who is the 2022NBA rookie of the year, alvin mobley or Scotty Barnes

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This year’s NBA draft yield is very high, at least a dozen young people has been fully proved to have the ability to stay in this competitive arena, there are a few players have shown that the potential of the future will be a perennial all-star squad, so this year’s rookie honor unprecedented fierce competition, from the earliest duarte contrarian rise,Suction eye to scottie – Barnes, followed by elvin – cuttino mobley talented, josh – gidi shine on you, little Wagner’s diligent recently, Cunningham from behind, now schedule for nearly two-thirds, I think elvin – cuttino mobley and scottie – Barnes has become the last two participants.While other players have their own advantages, such as Wagner Jr., who continues to lead the individual scoring charts, Cunningham, the No. 1 pick in the draft, and Josh Giddy, the youngest player to hit all sorts of milestones,But these young talents and elvin – cuttino mobley and scottie – Barnes, compared the biggest difference is that they are in a team with no pressure bad record get a lot of playing time with the data, the data value is still almost mean, cuttino mobley and Barnes is completely use personal ability to help the team made great improvement.Rookie player award selection rule is produced by numerous sports journalists and TV commentators vote, the selection standard basically is to see season rookie performance, look at the indicators have personal score, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, such as data, and the team’s record, of course, from the history of the best young player award, the prize more weight is given to the player’s personal data, to the team with the help of The Times,For example, the 2009-2010 rookie of the year award went to Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans, who averaged 20 points, five rebounds and five assists while the Kings won only 25 games.Other candidates to have a bigger impact on the game include Brandon Jennings and Taj Gibson, who helped the team reach the playoffs but still failed.In terms of individual numbers, Cuttino mobley has the edge. Despite his position on the court, Barnes is also an inside player. Cuttino mobley averages 15.2 points per game, slightly ahead of Barnes’ 14.6 points per game.Mobley leads the rookies in rebounds with 8.2 rebounds per game, followed by Barnes with 7.8. In assists, Barnes leads Mobley with 3.4, ahead of Mobley’s 2.6. Mobley leads the rookies in field goal percentage at 50 percent, followed by Barnes at 46.9 percent.In terms of impact, Mobley has had the biggest impact of any rookie as Cleveland has transformed itself from an Eastern Conference underclass into a competitive playoff team with a 31-21 record and a fifth-best record in the East. He leads all rookies in win percentage (2.3),And jarrett Allen big-man combination has become the entire NBA defensive efficiency is the highest one of the two, when the experts all to him and jarrett Allen, maldives – ning of three towers squad full of pessimism is ill striving against the stream, he used his magic play hard hit everyone’s face, you can’t leave him simply defined as a center,Because he can even keep up with Kyrie on defense, Mobley is now the perfect post player for the small-ball era, and his future is being compared to Hall of Famers like Kevin Garnett and Chris Bosh.Barnes also is full of great potential, he is a very good all-around player on both ends, the defensive end has to be able to do in his rookie season defense league top scorer, durant, east qi qi, all these top scorer batum personally felt his stress, the offensive end is the universal Swiss army knife, can cover as a pick-and-roll, low post,Movement in all sorts of tactical requirements, such as cutting can even be projected on the outside, we can become a star in the evaluation of a player when one of the major indexes is own scoring ability, he has scored 20 in 11 games this season and the score, score of 56% is obtained by autonomous attack, Arsenal have mid-range shots, dislocation singles,With dribble penetration, Barnes’ outside shooting was considered the weakest point in his Arsenal before the draft, but so far he has made 34 of 111 3-point attempts, making 30 percent of his shots, giving signs that he has the potential to become the team’s leading scorer in the future.In the official NBA Rookie of the Month voting, Josh Giddy has won rookie of the month for the third consecutive month, but in the major media in the United States, Cuttino Mobley is no surprise to win rookie of the month, again, because this award is chosen by various sports writers and television commentators,The prediction of major media basically represents the trend of future awards.Of course, it’s too early to tell. Each team still has more than 30 games to play, and the new All-Star Rookie Challenge is also a plus. On this occasion, let’s wish these young people all the best for the future of basketball and put on an even better show for the fans.