Snapdragon 870+12GB Dayun Deposit Redmi K40 flagship for only 2049 YUAN

2022-06-01 0 By

As the flagship model of Redmi in 2021, Redmi K40 has achieved quite good annual sales and won a good reputation.Currently, Redmi K40 has entered the clearance promotion stage, and the 12GB+256GB version is only available for 2049 yuan.In addition to the acclaimed Snapdragon 870, the Redmi K40 also features Samsung’s 120Hz high-brushes AMOLED screen and 48 million HD tri-camera flagship features.Support for Dolby Panoramic sound and super touch gaming technology also makes the Redmi K40’s everyday use experience even better.The Redmi K40’s 4520mAh battery, combined with 33W full life quick charge, makes the battery life of the Redmi K40 no less powerful than the flagship model.(7863405).