Seagate X Halo: Infinite co-branded external hard drive unpacking

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What good things have you bought in the office of 2021 according to the 2021 office consumption summary and plan compiled by President Xi At the end of last year?What are your spending plans for next year?Nuclear GCORES | machine have the impression, should remember that would be the aura: infinite just launch soon, I have a crush on a model from Seagate with the aura: unlimited joint external mechanical hard disk.Due to some delays in the introduction of the Chinese version, I didn’t officially start until recently.I haven’t bought any next-gen consoles yet, and I’ve given away my old PS4 and Xbox One to friends, but these peripherals are bound to be bought sooner or later, so I might as well find the right One.And I’ve already figured out how to use these peripherals in the future with XSX.The console’s built-in storage space is bound to run out sooner or later. Seagate’s xSX-exclusive expansion card is bound to be available, and Xbox Game Pass’s monthly stream of new indie games and old, downwardly compatible games are bound to be stored on an external hard drive.These games are limited in their load speed optimization anyway, so they don’t take up space on valuable built-in or proprietary expansion cards.After getting this Seagate X Halo: Infinite co-branded external hard drive, I really fell in love with its livery.Seagate not only restored the classic design in the game, but also added features from painting to detail transformation.Halo: Infinite co-branded products on its shell coating up and down a lot of effort.First of all, on the front, there is a partial pattern of the “117” number on the chest of the Chief’s Hammer armor in Halo: Infinite, and there is also a mark of damage that the chief was hit at the beginning of the game.The bottom coat is the back of the master Chief’s helmet, and the AI chip socket is restored.When you touch the hard drive, you’ll notice that it has a grainy spray paint on the front and different paint treatments for battle damage, 117 and special parts.Make their details feel very different.My favorite part is the battle damage treatment. The armor on the side feels grainy, while the metal ash battle damage part feels smooth and fluted. The blow the chief took at the beginning of the game seems really serious.When the hard drive is powered on, the RGB light bar at the bottom of the drive also lights up automatically, and the display can be controlled through Seagate’s official software.Personally, I didn’t like the constant glow, so I changed it to a steady monochrome.If you like RGB and own a Razer family barrel, Seagate’s co-branded hard drive can sync with your Razer peripherals and hardware for a full RGB experience with Razer Chroma.Seagate X “Halo: Infinite” co-branded external mechanical hard disk has 2TB and 5TB double version optional, if too lazy to delete the game friends can start with 5TB large capacity version, directly pull full.