World ending: water artesian deathbed and Zhou Nan father and son recognize, Zheng Juan frank truth

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Luo Shibin never thought zhou Nan turned out to be the son of water artesian, everything is actually water artesian bureau bureau.It’s a pretty bloody story to tell.Zheng Juan and three bullies drink together 15 years ago, in the case of everyone drunk, rape Zheng Juan not only luo Shibin, in fact, there are water artefacts, this is a great shame for Zheng Juan, so she must hide this Zhou Bingkun.In Zheng Juan’s heart, since the child is not Zhou Bingkun, whether luo Shibin or water artesian, for the Zhou family are the same.And luo Shibin and Zhou Bingkun battle for custody, the backside is also water artesian plot.In water artesian operation, Luo Shibin left his will in advance, the family property to Zhou Nan.At this time, Luo Shibin’s assets are not to be underestimated, he is already the big boss of four companies, conservative estimates of property at least ten billion, this is the artesian water calculations.Only if Luo shibin thinks Zhou Nan is his son can Zhou Nan get these properties.Luo was later mistakenly killed by Zhou Bingkun, who was jailed for 12 years.After Luo Shibin’s death, water artrix pretended to be a good man, free of charge for Luo Shibin’s wife to do business consultants, the final water artrix let Zhou Nan smoothly inherited Luo Shibin’s billions of property.Water artesian is anxious for Zhou Nan layout, in fact, because water artesian has been suffering from cancer for many years, his mental outlook is also getting worse and worse, so he must help his son achieve class in his lifetime.Until the water artesian cancer diffuses deathbed hour, just finally and zhou Nan father and son recognize.That’s a lifetime worth of water artesian.See paper already pack fire, Zheng Juan also finally confessed all the truth, and beg Zhou Bingkun’s forgiveness, zhou home itself has a family history of cerebrovascular disease, in the stimulation of Zheng Juan, Zhou Bingkun was gas to cerebral infarction attack.Although Zhou bingkun eventually recovered a small life, but left behind the sequela of hemiplegia.When Zheng Juan can drink with three men, that the woman is not simple, zhou Nan was born, Zheng Juan is unremitting power to hook up with Zhou Bingkun this honest man to take the dish xia, can say that Zheng Juan is in the coat of diligence and kindness, the hole zhou jia a lifetime.