Record of five all-star votes: Lebron James tied for the most votes nine times, and Yao Ming was the only foreign vote winner

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The annual NBA All-Star Game is less than a month away. As the annual basketball festival, the All-Star Game is a visual feast for fans, because they can see the league’s stars team up to play a game, and they can show off their talents.And the NBA All-Star quota is mainly through the vote of fans, so popularity is undoubtedly the most critical factor to be selected for the All-Star, the most voted player every year, naturally, is also the vote king of the NBA All-Star, then, about the top five votes of the NBA All-Star, how many do you know?James tied Jordan for the most all-star votes in NBA history with his ninth win this year.Previously, James was voted no. 1 in 2007, 2010, 2014, and 17-22. From ’17 to now,’ 22, James has completed six consecutive All-Star votes, the most since the new century.James has won six all-star tickets in a row, the most in the new century, but not the most in NBA history.From 1987 to 1993, when Jordan retired for the first time, he won all the All-Star votes, which is enough to show how popular he is. Seven consecutive All-Star votes is also a record in NBA history, but if James can win the vote again next year,He will once again tie Jordan for the record.The only foreign all-star votes – wang yao’s NBA as business league headquarters set up in the United States, both players and fans, most of them are still americans, therefore, the king of the NBA all-star votes from almost all native American born in the stars, as the NBA have globalization, foreign scholar born many MVP, foreign also has a lot of,But there is only one foreign all-star vote king so far, he is from China’s Yao Ming.Because Yao Ming is behind 1.3 billion Chinese people, so even in his rookie season, Yao Ming was voted by our Chinese fans to become a star starting center, replacing the peak of Shaq at that time.In 2005 and 2006, Yao beat lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O ‘Neal, Allen Iverson and other popular stars to become the most popular all-star vote.With a change in NBA voting rules that makes that almost impossible, Yao could become the only foreign all-star voting champion.It’s hard for a rookie to be an All-Star in his first season, it’s rare to be a starter, and it’s hard to beat a lot of seniors to the All-star ticket title in his rookie season.There is one player in NBA history who won the most all-star votes in his rookie season: Grant Hill.In 1994, Hill entered the league as the successor to Michael Jordan. His modest personality and violent style instantly attracted millions of fans. Combined with the league’s campaign, Grant Hill won 1.28 million all-star votes in his rookie season, beating SHAq by 20,000 votes to become the most popular all-star vote.Not only is he the only NBA player to win votes in his rookie season, he is also, at 22, the youngest all-star vote-winner in NBA history.Most votes ticket – king James 9.12 million held the first NBA all-star was held in 1975, when McCandless du to 98325 tickets elected the first king of all-star votes, and with the development of NBA, increase of fan base, the NBA votes each year and reached new highs, after Howard also hit a record 3 million votes when votes king,But that’s less than a third of the 9.12 million votes James received this year, the most in NBA history.(ikuet)