Hd Atlas: Practice!Armed police officers and soldiers after the holiday set off training upsurge

2022-06-05 0 By

Guangxi news fangchenggang on February 9 (correspondent Xu Shili Zhou Yang) “three, two, one, assault!”As the commander ordered, commandos with the help of bullet-proof shield cover broke into the room, another group of commandos under the cover of smoke bombs quickly launched fire attack……A member of the Guangxi Armed Police Force holds a residential arrest drill outside a camp in Fangchenggang, Guangxi zhuang Autonomous Region, February 9, 2017.Gold period after opening the team closely motto, adhere to the mission of traction, focus on the ability to generate, in accordance with the “cadre takes the lead, full participation, close to actual combat, deep research training” requirements, continuously enhance the consciousness of the thought war seeks the battle to the battle at all levels, improve perception, judgment, determination and action, control ability, strong traction team training for real walk fine, carries out the task effectively improve forces.