Luo Guofu should be kicked out of the national team and banned from the Chinese Super League for one year

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On the evening of January 25 (Beijing time), Oriental Morning Post reporter Song Chengliang blasted Luo Guofu: “Luo guofu’s mistake this time is far more serious than Zhou Junchen tao Qianglong, he should be immediately expelled from the national team and banned from the Chinese Super League for one year, otherwise the previous punishment for these young players is a soft target.What do you think of this reporter’s statement?First, let’s revisit the mistakes made by Zhou junchen and Tao Qianglong.On September 8, 2018, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) announced the following: Zhou Junchen was banned from China U19 national Men’s Soccer Team for one year because of his negative attitude and disrespectful behavior during the match between China U19 national Men’s Soccer Team and Jordan U19. He ignored the requirements of the coach and went out to organize a dinner party after the match.On June 6, 2020, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) announced that Tao Qianglong and six other members of the National Youth Team were disqualified from participating in all COMPETITIONS held by THE CFA for six months.Reason for punishment: without asking for leave, he left the team to have a midnight snack outside the base, then went to disco dance in a nightclub in downtown Shanghai, and returned to the training center at around 2 or 3 am.What about the mistakes made by Luo Guofu?Congratulations on your organizational skills. You [CFA] have no respect for us.3 events are compared, whether it is as the reporter said: Luo Guofu this mistake is far more serious than Zhou Junchen Tao Qianglong.I trust your judgment.It is worth noting that Song Chengliang once criticized Luo Guofu: “Complete nonsense, a player who played for two years in China’s first team can be selected to the national team, why?However, the 12 stage of the competition proved that Luo Guofu is fully capable of being selected for the National football team!Luo Guofu has apologized for complaining to the Chinese Football Association: “Hello, Chinese football fans, I would like to express my apologies for the mistakes I made.At that time, I made some impulsive remarks in the mood of anger and anxiety. It was my action when I did not fully understand the facts, and the contents of which are unfair to the Chinese Football Association.I am a person who changes when he makes a mistake.For me, without the Chinese Football Association giving me the opportunity, I would not have been able to wear the Chinese national team shirt.During my years in China, I received considerable help and care from the Football Association.I would like to take this opportunity to formally say sorry to the football association.I am very happy to be selected to the national team and meet my teammates again. I will try my best as in the past.Thank you, once again to my hurt friends apologize!