Revealed: Chiang Zhongzheng ceremony into the Kuomintang party history museum “star” collection

2022-06-05 0 By

According to Taiwan media, the KMT historical museum stores many precious collections, including Sun Yat-sen’s remaining teeth, hunting guns, Chiang Zhongzheng’s ceremonial staff, Chiang Ching-kuo’s military uniform, etc.In order to activate the collection, the party history Museum said that it would hold various exhibitions and exchanges in the future, and also develop written products for public collection.The kuomintang (KMT) party historiographers hold many historical data, although there are more than 300000 historical materials to the staging,, but the museum there are still many precious collections, including sun yat-sen’s teeth, a shotgun and a full set of Chinese tunic suit, and sun yat-sen in western medicine college transcript in Hong Kong, and the rod of the Chiang kai-shek and Chiang ching-kuo leather shoes, uniforms, caps, etc.Lin Jiaxing, director of the party history Museum, told reporters that Sun Yat-sen’s remaining teeth fell off in early August 1923.Sun Yat-sen had a toothache, so he asked his bodyguard to invite Liu Tizhi, a dentist from Guangzhou, to treat his teeth. Sun Yat-sen’s teeth were in poor condition at that time.In addition, Sun Yat-sen once took his daughter and his bodyguard to hunt at the Purple Mountain in Nanjing. The hunting rifle used at that time is also collected in the Party history Museum.Speaking of Chiang kai-shek’s ceremonial staff, Lam said that this gold general’s ceremonial staff was used by Chiang Kai-shek during the military salute.The ritual rod is wooden, lacquered on the surface, and covered with gold carving.The top of the rod is decorated with the “National emblem”, and the body of the rod is respectively surrounded by nationalism, civil rights and people’s livelihood, and the bottom of the plum blossom is decorated with the 8 words “loyalty, filial love, faithfulness and peace”.Mr. Lam said the wooden grip was retained, and the bottom layer surrounded the executive, legislative, judicial, examination, supervisory and silver insignia representing the Taiwan armed forces.The bottom of the staff is a blue and golden pattern of the Emblem of the Army of Taiwan, surrounded by jiahe, the top of the five-star, the end of the gold wire braided rope, fixed when holding the staff, very distinctive.