Dragon Ball super theater version of the new promotional picture: the youth version of Wutianx is expected to appear on the 18th change hairstyle

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Dragon Ball super related to the new theatrical version, also known as the superhero series, involved in the new promotional graphics have been officially revealed and public, this publicity is quite distinctive through the publicity of this time can see some interesting information and content, to elaborate.First is the propaganda of concrete painting, including the conventional active leading role, and the villain this fast, it is said that the car is designed bird Ming mountain, not the kui is one of the world’s richest man, bulma, and sure enough dynamite, the theatrical version is not an empty shell to split the enemy farmland, bick and enlightenment of rice will also usher in unprecedented active, but this time the enemy seems to be really is of red, blue,Total feeling these two brothers strength is really not too strong.And it is worth noting that the enlightenment there are grown up, Banks, and tran, or according to the comic book change hair color is not that kind of light purple before design, become the slant blue hair color, synthesis of two people obviously this posture is to one day, it seems big probability can expect to see the youth version of the day, the enlightenment but the two people often neglect exercise,And there is a problem with this combination posture, fingers are not aligned, it is estimated that the transformation will fail.The theater version of Gorice is too obvious, it is the glasses that represent nobi Rice’s shape that are really inconsistent and awkward, I don’t know if they can show the fighting power of the mysterious Gorice era, I guess it is uncertain.I hope that the theater version of combat effectiveness more or less balance a little, don’t the whole of the first chapter of the universe feng Taro operation on the line, it is already reached the level of the dragon ball fighting power, now are quickly downgraded to the level of iron.And it is worth noting that here Kling is one hand to the number 18 to lift, worthy of the strongest earth, Kling now also became a police officer, the number 18 hairstyle, has become the image of 10 years later.For dragon ball Z in the mentioned at the beginning of the wu is empty for 5 years without set and meet you, can now be sure, must be eat, after all, the dragon is super than Ruth opening chapters, than she was pregnant, and beat the little puppets, after 10 years, small fang 4 years old, so not have a time line.