Juye Rural commercial bank to carry out “guessing lantern riddles make Lantern Festival” activities

2022-06-06 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Cheng Jianhua correspondent CAI Jietian on the occasion of the arrival of the traditional festival, in order to let the general customers feel a strong festive atmosphere, February 15, Juye rural commercial bank to carry out “make yuanxiao · guess lantern riddles activities.On the day of the activity, the customers who came to deal with the business stopped to watch the slips of paper with riddles written on them, scrambling to join in the activity and experiencing the fun of guessing riddles together.With a smile on his face, he received a small gift for every puzzle he solved.The scene has a good response, full of strong cultural atmosphere, presenting a happy scene.This activity, while bringing a joyful atmosphere for the festival, also further strengthen the communication between the masses.At the same time experienced the festive lively and happy atmosphere, but also experienced the general warmth of Juye Rural commercial bank.